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Green Tea Neko

Green Tea Neko is a webcomic artist from Singapore. He is primarily identified for his MonGirl sequence of 4-panel comics, which give attention to monster women.GreenTeaNeko is the most popular cartoon art in china, it’s so attractive art on kids’ lifestyle and educational thinkings all activities for growing the kids mind easily to control his childhood lifestyle. its created by GreenTea Neko

Internet Presence
Green TeaNeko started drawing in 2007; he joined DeviantArt someday afterward in July of 2008. Since then, this account has gained over 300,000 web page views and over 6,000 followers.

In 2012 Green Tea Neko created a Facebook web page for himself, which has almost 75,000 likes as of January 2016. He additionally has a Pixiv account with over 200 photographs uploads.

Green Tea Neko is a member of Collateral  Damage Studios, a Singapore-based group of visible artists. It is thru this group that MonGirl is revealed.

Green Tea Neko
GreenTea Neko

Mon Girl

Mon Girl is an Episode 4-panel comedian created by Green Tea Neko. The sequence focuses on monster women. Many panels are typically one-shots, though recurring characters often seem. MonGirl it tries to supper good quality and some comedian style at all the thinking mind not to say that coming its most specific quality art in the second episode, we get some comments like answer and question:

1. I know this is pretty random but I made a comic about kids solving school mysteries! I would really appreciate it if you check it out TvT
2.Update 326: Boy I’ve been away from Tapas for so long… what is it like to have more than 10 people like anything I did xD I don’t know
Everyone is still welcome to the Discord Server as always, and you know, my other accounts too
3.Nice devilish character. And yeah I still got your discord. Just very quiet on discord at the moment.
4.You know how MSN messenger had that feature where you could DRAW, you know, IN MESSENGER ?? 🎨🖊
Is there another (Discord, etc.) chat service that you know of that has that feature? By any chance? 🤔
5.Is it too much to ask that there be ONE channel on the server and no profanity? It’s confusing.
6.REALLY?! NOTHING AT ALL!? That’s kind of incredible actually
Also, you should join the Discord Server and hang out, I’m really on there a lot, and 100% of the streams I do are sent out as notifications on there, so you’ll never miss one!


Green Tea Neko was born on April 19, 1989. He presently resides in Singapore and posts lots of his comics in Chinese.