20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

Upcoming characters Genshin Impact is one of the hottest topics in the community. In this guide, we are bringing together information about all the future characters of the game that will appear after Genshin Impact 3.0.

The leaks revealed a huge amount of information regarding the future characters of the game. To date, we know about the order of 20 representatives of Teyvat, which will enter the game in future updates. Below is everything we know about each upcoming adventurer:

Tignari Genshin Impact

Travelers should know that Tighnari is a 5-star dendro bow user who appears to have long ears and a puffy tail. The above leak describes his charged attack, which has traits similar to Gan Yuso on Eimiyu.

It is also mentioned that Tignari’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst deal damage and amplify Charged Attack’s damage, though without any specific method.

Colley Genshin Impact

This manga character Genshin Impact is finally making its debut as a playable character in Genshin Impact 3.0. As with other characters, no banners featuring her are currently known. So far, it is not known at all about the skills of the girl. However, she is a 4-star Dendro bow user that has a boomerang effect somewhere in her kit (it is unknown if this refers to her Elemental Skill, Explosion, or something else). Unfortunately, there are no leaked images of her cute companion.

Dory Genshin Impact

Apparently, Dory is a 4-star two-handed sword and electro user, similar to Razor. However, she can play a supporting role as Dory’s form allows her to deal out-of-field damage and heal. This is almost identical to the recently released character Kuki Shinobu, so there might be more to Dory that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Saino Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

The character first appears in the twelfth chapter of the official manga, and also as one of the story characters in the Genshin Impact Teaser – Teyvat.

Saino is an alchemist at Sumeru Academy and an old acquaintance of Lisa. In the manga, he helps Collea seal her dark powers within him.

Saino’s weapon is known for sure – in the teaser, he appears with spear in hand, which inspires confidence that he will become another spearman. With God, everything is more complicated, since it does not manifest itself, and it is not known whether it has any element at all. But upon closer inspection of his image in the teaser, you can see the decoration on the belt with a red stone. It is not entirely clear whether this is really just an accessory or a hint of Pyro/Geo eye of god.

Neelow Genshin Impact

According to rumors from the Genshin Impact community, Nilo is a female character that will be joining the game in future gjckt 3.1 updates. Although there is no confirmation regarding her and the name is still subject to change, there is a rumor that the girl is a dancer.

Nilou may refer to water lilies or lotuses in Persian. This may be a hint that Neilow is hydro character.

Kusanali (Nahida) Genshin Impact

Kusanali – God of Wisdom and Archon Dendro. Gan Yu once referred to the god Dendro as “he”, but she has since been confirmed as a female character in the final quests. She is also the youngest Archon at just 500 years old compared to when Rex Lapis “passed away” at over 6,000 years old.

Leaks predict that Kusanaly’s character model will look like a little girl, but will be slightly larger than Klee, Qi Qi, and Dione. HoYoverse hasn’t confirmed this, but the childlike appearance would make sense when compared to the much older Jun Li. There are also rumors that she looks like Teresa Apocalypse from Honkai Impact.

Al Khaytham (Su) Genshin Impact

Al-Khaytham is an exp based on a character from Honkai Impact 3rd named Su. Su plays a lesser role in one of the manga Second key. Previous leaks have shown that he will most likely be equipped with the highly anticipated Dendro element, and recent rumors hint that the new character will presumably hold a high position in a major new region, meaning he will likely be very close. to Dendro Archon – Kusanali.

Dendro Traveler Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

The traveler is the main character in Genshin Impact, and players have the option to choose between Aether and Lumi at the start of their journey. Whichever character is chosen, the main goal of the story will be to find another sibling. Each region in Genshin Impact has its representative element, which can be equipped by the Traveler. So far, the game has introduced three main regions: Mondstadt, Li Yue, and Inazuma, which means that the Traveler can be equipped with the element anemo, geo or electro. Based on this, with the release of Sumeru and the appearance of the dendro statue of the Archons, we will be able to switch to the unique dendro abilities that we wrote about in separate guide here.

Scaramuccia (Scaramouche) Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

There is still no confirmation of what element and eye of the god the character will have.

His outfit suggests he might be a user electro, but it can also just confirm its Inazuma lineage. Like his elemental affiliation, we have yet to see Scaramouche use any weapon. We will update this part of the guide as soon as we have more information.

Cleopatra Genshin Impact

Cleopatra is rumored to be a future 5 star character. It will be a tall woman with dark skin. Starry night and crescent theme. Tails on the head. Wears gold jewelry heterochromia. The stomach and legs are open, there is a necklace in the form of an Ankh.

Unfortunately, this is all the information about Cleopatra, but in the future we hope to find out more!

Bai Zhu Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

Bai Zhu is a Dendro NPC who runs the Bubu Pharmacy in Li Yue along with his zombie assistant Qi Qi. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Bai Zhu is his talking pet white snake named Chang Sheng.

Although miHoYo has yet to announce whether Bai Zhu will be playable, many Genshin Impact fans are confident that Dendro Pharmacist will appear in a future banner.

Yao Yao Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

Yao Yao first appeared in the official artwork of Genshin Impact alongside the pyro food-loving character Xiang Ling. According to various voice lines and in-game texts, Yao Yao and Xiang Ling were trained by the same chef.

After spending time learning to cook with Xiang Ling, Yao Yao later found herself helping Gan Yu. While we currently only have the official illustrations above, many players believe that Yao Yao has Dendro’s abilities.

This definitely makes sense considering Dendro’s plant-based attacks have synergy with the Pyro element (Burning Elemental Reaction). Yao Yao’s green dress and the cross symbols certainly fit this element as well.

Skirk Genshin Impact

Recently, one name often pops up – Skirk, Child’s mysterious master. Skirk is described as a powerful swordswoman and “a lonely girl who dwells in the darkest corners of the universe”.

She hasn’t appeared in Genshin Impact yet, so we’ll probably see Skirk in the not too distant future.

Lainey and Lynette Genshin Impact

All future Genshin Impact characters for 2022

Laini and Lynette also appear in a preview of the Teyvat Chapter storyline. Both characters hail from the Fontaine region, famous for its culture and art. This somewhat explains the elegant design of the twins. In fact, both characters are strikingly similar to magicians and performers of the past 19th century.

Whether Lainey and Lynette will have different elements or synergy with each other remains to be seen, but they certainly look incredibly striking.

Iansan Genshin Impact

All future Genshin Impact characters for 2022

Looks like Iansan will use pyro-based attacks.

Iansan is the last character to be revealed during the preview of the Teyvat Chapter storyline. Based on her design, it looks like Iansan will use the Pyro element to incinerate her enemies. Not only does her outfit look made for hot environments, but her elemental explosion also showcases her fiery energy destroying stones.


All future Genshin Impact characters for 2022

Of course, Dinsleif is surrounded by many mysteries.

Dinsleif previously adorned our screens back in Chapter I: “We will meet again“. Mysterious character reappeared in local quest Branch Keeper Dainsleif.

Not much is currently known about Dainsleif, but there are rumors that he is immortal. The Genshin Impact wiki noted that he says the following line:

A thousand years have passed since the God Anemo left this earth. But for me, it was only half that time.” MiHoYo hasn’t revealed any details about its item, so we’ll have to wait a bit before more details are announced.

Cooking Genshin Impact

20+ Expected Genshin Impact Characters After Version 3.0

Varka is the current Chapter Master and Knight of the Boreas of the Ordo Favonius. About half a year before the Traveler’s arrival in Mondstadt, he went on an expedition with a significant part of the knights of the order, leaving Jinn as the Acting Master. This makes him a particularly important character in Mondstadt, but details surrounding the powerful warrior remain sparse.

In addition to the presented characters, we are also waiting for:

  • Shutin
  • layla
  • Ihfa
  • Nafs
  • Jajit
  • A mysterious 4-star girl with cat ears.

So there you have it, all the new Genshin Impact characters coming to the game in the future. Be sure to check out our following guides:

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