Absolution (season 2) – release date, new episode schedule

Details of Dragon Age: Absolution Season 2. Release date, schedule for new episodes!

An impatient public bombards the creators with questions: someone wants to know the details of the plot, someone wants to know the plans of the movie bosses for the future. But most importantly, everyone is wondering when the season 2 of the Dragon Age: Absolution anime will be released on Netflix, we talk about the prospects of the picture for renewal and recall its plot.

Let me guess, you are a fan of Dragon Age games and want to find out the release date of Season 2 of Dragon Age: Absolution, then you are not mistaken with the site, because the premiere of new episodes is already scheduled as of November 2023!

Attempt number three

Dragon Age: Redemption»is an animated series created by Netflix and Canadian game developer BioWare. The tape is based on the game series of the same name, including 3 main games and the same number of secondary.

History has already become a source of inspiration for filmmakers. In 2011, a web series consisting of 6 episodes was presented, and in February 2012, the full-length cartoon Dawn of the Seeker was released on Japanese screens. Now the bosses turned “Age of the Dragon” into a full-fledged anime with long runs.

The premiere of the tape, scheduled by the bosses for December 9, 2022, did not in the least prevent the public from wondering about the future of the show. And still fans of the game of the same name are interested in two questions – will the anime “Dragon Age: Redemption” be extended for season 2 and when is the release date for new episodes in Russia.

Where did such impatience come from? It’s just that among the audience there are many fans of the game series who have been waiting for a full-fledged adaptation for a long time. Anime is a great way immerse yourself in the adventure and follow its developmentbut not directly involved.

Will the show be extended? So far, there have been no official statements, but the chances of this are quite high. Bosses, apparently tightly took up the story and intend to squeeze the maximum. And if so, the release dates for all season 2 episodes about redemption in the age of the dragon will soon appear on our website.

Plot and characters

The release date of the first part took us to the Tevinter empire. The main characters of the picture have an important mission – to steal the golden ring. But it’s not just a decoration – it’s a powerful artifact that can drastically change the life of the owner. But, as is usually the case, the operation quickly spirals out of control. Now, in order to save herself and her friends, Miriam will have to face the past and defeat dangerous enemies.

In addition to the elf Miriam, other characters also appeared in the picture: Fairbanks, Quidion, Hira, Roland, Tassia. Will the the list of heroes in the second part of the “Age of the Dragon” is not yet clear.

Details will be clarified later, but for now, we are waiting for Dragon Age: Absolution to receive a release date for season 2 on Netflix and enjoy the episodes of the first part. We hope that the news of the extension will not be long in coming – there are so many reasons for concern in this world, to aggravate them with a delay in the announcement.

Dragon Age: Absolution Season 2 Episode Schedule

Original name: Dragon Age: Absolution
Series number Premier dates
Release date: autumn 2023
Number of episodes: 6
Channel: Netflix
Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Action
Season 2 Episode 1 autumn 2023
season 2 episode 2 autumn 2023
season 2 episode 3 autumn 2023
season 2 episode 4 2023
Season 2 Episode 5 2023
season 2 episode 6 2023

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(Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for Season 2 yet, but we will add it soon!)

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