All 12 deluxe chests in Sumeru Desert Genshin Impact – locations, puzzle solutions

We have collected all of the Sumeru Desert Luxury Chests in Genshin Impact and want to share with you their locations, as well as how to get each of the 12 Desert Luxury Chests.

Luxurious Chest 1 – King Deshret’s Tomb

You need all 5 Sparkling Parts to open the door to the deluxe chest room.

After collecting all 5 Sparkling Parts, teleport to the lower left point of the Tomb.

Keep going forward until you reach a cave with a torch outside.

Use the Pedestal to open the door.

After entering the room, follow the path on the left, leading to the door for sparkling details.

Use the sparkling parts to open the door.

Take the Luxurious Chest.

Luxury Chest 2 – Dahri Valley

Head to the marked location in Dahri Valley.

Interact with the mechanism. You need a password to enter the ruins.

Stay away from the male enemy.

Quietly follow the Hermit woman.

You will hear the password from the patrolling mercenary. Then return to the ruins.

Enter password.

Go inside the ruins.

Follow the path.

Release the three fairies from the cage and follow them to bring them to your gardens.

Open the deluxe chest after all three fairies have settled into their resting place.

Luxury Chest 3 – Dahri Valley

This chest is available after completing the world quest – Afratu’s Dilemma. To start the quest, talk to Afratu (NPC) on the side of the road under the rocks. He will mention a huge machine (robot) and an ancient ruin golem that was active in the area and attacked with beam weapons. These powerful beams can destroy loose boulders.

You must enter the robot and disable the autonomous attack. After that, start the car and send powerful beams to destroy the boulders in front.

The place where you have to shoot will glow on the screen. This will open the way to a secret tunnel.

Go inside the tunnel and complete all the time trials to unlock the electro monuments and activate them to open a deluxe chest. How to do this, we wrote in separate guide.

Luxurious chest 4 on the invisible floor

Head to the teleportation point north of King Deshret’s Tomb, as marked on the map.

Climb up the air current to find an invisible wall.

Continue walking across the invisible floor.

Collect loot from the deluxe chest.

Opulent Chest 5 – Hall of Sechem

Teleport to the bottom right waypoint of the Tomb. Release the Primordial Spark and follow it until you reach the very bottom of the area that is filled with water.

Note: Complete the Golden Dreamland questline. This will trigger another quest “Double Proof”, in this quest you will reach this location.

Primordial Spark 1

Release the Primordial Spark and slide down to the left side.

Fire the Primordial Spark once more downstairs and start moving both cells to the far end of the room. This will lower the water level.

Follow Primordial Spark until it hits a pillar.

Primal Spark 2

Then move the edge cage back where you broke the boxes earlier) into its position to start the airflow and make the four leaf symbols appear.

Complete the quest to unlock Primordial Spark.

Follow Primordial Spark to its resting pillar.

This will open a luxurious chest and travelers will receive their rewards.

Luxurious Chest 6 – Hajj Nisut

Assuming you’ve already completed the Golden Dreamland questline, return to Haj-nisut and enter the ruins.

Now the player needs to get to the top floor of the Hajj Nisut. To get to a higher level, use the large fan on the north side to reach the Hajj-nisut Puzzle area.

How to solve the riddle with the Prism of the Hierophant

Basically the puzzle works based on the color of the Prism. If the Prism is red, it will move to the nearest red platform. If the color is blue, then it will move to the nearest blue platform.

Approach the Prism on the middle platform and do the following in order: The Prism will initially be red.

  1. Actions – move the red platform.
  2. Change – switch to blue.
  3. Actions – move the blue platform.
  4. Actions – move the blue platform.

Use the Four Leaf Symbol and activate the switch on the lift. Head to the second elevator and defeat the opponents.

Head to the top floor and approach the throne

Go to the other side of the large room and use the elevator to go up to the upper level. Approach the throne and find a luxurious chest.

Luxurious Chest 7 – Hall Duat

In Genshin Impact 3.1 released on September 28, 2022, there are two deluxe chests in the Duat Hall.

You can enter the Hall of the Duat by completing a peace quest”double proof“. In this quest, you need to get to the underground part of Magma Dune.

After entering the underground zone of Magma Dune, continue your journey to activate the two teleportation points indicated on the map below.

Go to the teleportation point as shown below and enter the Duat Hall

Get down downward to the right.

Enter the door and follow the corridor.

Go down the stairs and go right.

Enter the room to find a deluxe chest.

Luxurious Chest 8 – Hall Duat

Jump down and go back to find the fairy.

Follow the fairy and land on an invisible surface.

Follow the fairy further until she disappears into the wall. Go to the marked place for a chest to appear.

Deluxe Chest 9 – Yama Abju

Teleport to the marked location and enter the Ruins.

Continue through the ruins until you reach a large room with two dog statues. Use the lift at the back to get up.

Go through the door near the cube mechanism.

Activate the lift with the book and switch. Rise again.

Take the elevator back up to the next room.

Release and follow Primordial Spark until it hits a pillar.

Enter the next room to free and follow the Primordial Spark.

Luxurious the chest will open as soon as both Primordial Sparks are on the pillars.

Luxurious Chest 10 – Top of Tomb of King Deshret

After entering the underground zone of Magma Dune, continue your journey to activate the two teleportation points indicated on the map below. You can reach the “Top of King Deshret’s Tomb” by entering in Magma Duneto get to Zala Duatthen cross the chasm to reach the Top of the Tomb of King Deshret.

Move the cells located in the south, north and east of the locations. Locations are marked below.

Flip the hourglass over to reveal the four leaf symbol.

Go to the upper platform.

Rotate the cage on the top platform to fire a beam to the west.

Switch the prism from red to blue on the top platform.

Some of the platforms close to the edge of the puzzle area will stop moving when you change the prism on the top platform from red to blue.

The beams will now be blocked by fixed platforms and you will have to step on them to make them disappear.

Go to the lower platform. To complete the puzzle, rotate the cage on the bottom platform so that it also faces west.

After all this, a luxurious chest will appear.

Deluxe Chest 11 – Tomb of the Deep in the Sumeru Desert

It is located in the tomb of the depths of the Sumeru Desert. Located southeast of the Sobek oasis.

Luxurious Chest 12 – Tomb of the Deep in the Sumeru Desert

It is located in the tomb of the depths of the Sumeru Desert. Head to the Temple of Hemenu teleport point marked on the map.

Enter the ruins and head to the left door of the first room.

Jump down next to the book.

Turn left near the large fan.

Jump down at the broken bridge.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a larger area.

The luxurious chest is located in the tomb of the depths of the Sumeru Desert.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all 12 deluxe chests in Sumeru Desert in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don’t miss anything.

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