All Dendrocules Sumeru Genshin Impact


Here you will find all Sumeru Genshin Impact Dendrocules. The guide will show each location containing a dendrocule with handy maps and a description of how to get to a valuable resource.

There are 270 Dendrocules in total and they will appear in the game from update to update. We will continually update this guide until we have a complete collection of every denro particle.


Dendro Archon Statue Level Up Rewards

A large stone statue rising throughout the jungles and deserts of Sumeru. It is said that her face is similar to Dendro Archon. As they say, the new is the well-forgotten old. The Ancient Wisdom Realm survived the calamity like a statue of its deity, silently contemplating the cycles of rebirth.

After collecting the required number of Dendrocules, you will need to approach any Dendro Archon Statue and bow to it, giving away the accumulated particles. Thus, you will help her restore her former strength, and receive a valuable reward. The list of awards is presented in the table below.

Location of all dendrocules in Sumeru

This guide is updated in real time!

Arrangement of dendrocules Les Avidya

Dendroculus 1

On top of the cliff on a branch as you approach the Gandharva from the Statue of the Seven.

Dendroculus 2

Inside the tree house next to Gandharva

Dendroculus 3

Break the rock structure to reveal the Dendrokul near the waypoint between Chinvat Gorge and Gandharva

Dendroculus 4

Near the bridge as you approach the city of Sumeru.

Dendrocul 5

At the waterfalls to the upper right of the city of Sumeru

Dendroculus 6

On a hill on the left side of Sumeru city

Dendroculus 7

At the tip of a tree branch in the city of Sumeru. A rich chest is also nearby

Location of Dendrocules Jungle Lokapal

Dendroculus 8

On top of a large flower south of the Statue of the Seven.


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