All Genshin Impact Characters

Current list of all characters Genshin Impact, their weapon, element and detailed information. The guide contains all Genshin Impact characters as of version 3.3.

Note: The list of characters is constantly updated and growing, so we recommend that you add this post to your favorites and keep track of its updates with the release of subsequent patches.

List of all Genshin Impact characters

How to get characters in Genshin Impact

Characters in Genshin Impact can be obtained primarily through the game’s gacha system called Prayers, by using intertwined fates or Fateful Encounters (purchased with Source Stones, but also available through various events, quests, or monthly exchanges for Stardust and Starlight in the Paimon Store).

Other ways to get characters:

Character development in Genshin Impact

Level up

Character experience materials are mainly used to level up a character. Other sources of experience are completing tasks and defeating enemies and monsters.


Characters can be promoted when they reach the maximum level in their current phase. There are 6 ascension phases in total (max. lvl. 90).

To elevate a character, go to the character menu and click the “elevate” button (available after reaching the maximum level in the current ascending phase) in the lower right corner of the screen. A window will appear that will list the required amount of Ascension Materials, Common Ascension Materials, and Local Curiosities, as well as the amount of Pestilence needed to Ascend. If for some reason you do not have enough required material, click on its icon to find out how to get it.

During the 1st and 4th Ascension phase, the character unlocks their first and second passive combat talents, respectively. The third passive talent (present on all characters except the Traveler) is an auxiliary and is available immediately.

During the 2nd Ascension Phase, the character gains a special specialized stat. For example, Ning Guang’s Geo damage bonus or Traveler’s attack power increase. The Specialized stat is static and does not increase as the character levels up like regular stats do, instead it improves at the 3rd, 5th, and 6th Ascension Phase.

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