All shots from World Beyond Canvas: Greening in Genshin Impact

The World Beyond the Canvas: Greening – a guide to the passage of an event familiar to us World beyond canvas in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we will collect all the photos and tell you a little about the rules, requirements and of course the rewards.

The World Beyond the Canvas: Greening event in Genshin Impact 3.2 is a new event in the game, which in fact is not new, because it has already appeared in the game before and players have already encountered its gameplay, so today we suggest you stop again On him.

Event time

11/16/2022 10:00 — 12/05/2022 03:59 (server time)

Event Rewards

The terms of participation

Adventure Rank 30 or higher
Complete the Archon quest “Escape from Rito Island” and the peace quest “smiley»

※ To make the event even more interesting, we recommend that you first complete the Yoimiya Legends Quest “Goldfish. Chapter I: Dreamy timelessness” and Tartaglia’s legends assignment “Heavenly Whale. Chapter I: The Adventure of the Mighty One-Eye!”
※ If you haven’t completed the Legends of Yoimiya and Tartaglia quests, you can participate in the event by using “Quick Start” in the event menu.

Description of the event

● Travelers will be required to equip their camera and ‘camera ready’ at designated filming locations.
● Before you start taking pictures, you can adjust the camera position and select shooting settings in Camera Presets. You can also adjust the camera position and continue to adjust the composition according to your preferences based on the Camera Presets.
● Each location has a specific purpose and shooting area. Travelers need to take a photo in accordance with the given conditions.
● If you go outside the shooting area while taking a photo, you will have to “ready the camera” again.

※ The pictures taken are not saved in the photo album. To save them to your device, after taking a photo, click on the view large image.

Walkthrough World Beyond the Canvas: Greening Genshin Impact

This part of the guide will be updated daily with new pictures since the start of the event.

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