Analysis of the leaked map of all 7 regions of Genshin Impact

We decided take a look at the old CBT map Genshin Impact with developer’s notes, and she revealed some interesting information worth analyzing. The map and developer notes have been floating around the Internet for a long time. However, this article will summarize the important details.

Basically, the old closed beta map is markedly different from what gamers will get in later updates. For example, the location of certain locations is slightly different, and things like “Rift” don’t count here.

The actual closed beta map will be shown in the next tweet.

We look at the closed beta testing map for Genshin Impact and look for differences

[КПТ1] (1/3) Old map with developer’s notes. It’s a bunch of old maps that I’ve overlaid on top of each other, with game objects used by the developers to display shared locations. This map was made around January 2021, before the release of Inazuma.…


Here is a summary of some interesting things to note:

  • Developer notes refer to 2019
  • Dragon Ridge is near Sumeru
  • The crack is nowhere to be seen
  • Where is Fontaine?
  • Inazuma does not have multiple islands like it does in the current version of the game
  • Common locations seem much smaller and condensed.

Obviously, some things will inevitably change from the development stages to the final product. However, there is something to see. The full version of the map will be shown below for the convenience of the reader.

Some other material not seen in the tweet includes:

  • Arabaliki Fight Club in Volcano
  • Several locations such as Blasted Lava Lands, Dragon Shadow City and Sandville
  • The best view of Mondstadt and other northern territories
  • More links to Celestia

There is an NPC named in Sumeru Arabica in the current version of Genshin Impact. However, there is nothing to do with him owning a fight club in a volcano. Not to mention there was no onsen fan service at Inazuma.

Actual Genshin Impact Map

The current Genshin Impact map is much larger than the original design intended. Unfortunately, Fontaine is not here for comparison. Likewise, Blasted Lava Lands (presumably part of Natlan) and Snowy Mountains (presumably part of Snowy) are missing from the current version of the game.

However, players can see how different the following regions are:

  • Mondstadt
  • Li Yue
  • dragon backbone
  • Inazuma
  • Sumeru

Sumeru was placed much further west than its placement on the original Closed Beta map. As expected, this version of the map is much more detailed than the one with the developer’s notes.

The old map seemed to only have one island in Inazuma, while Genshin Impact players now have access to several. Some directives from the developer notes are still present, for example:

  • Electrified water (though only in some parts)
  • Ayaka House (Kamisato Estate)
  • Raiden Mei (Shogun Raiden – Honkai character)

However, there are no Onsen fan-servicethat Genshin Impact players can visit. There is furniture called Whitestone Hot Spring: Diffusing Warmthbut it’s more of a decoration than anything related to fanservice.

One has to wonder if other ideas like fight club will appear in future versions of Genshin Impact.

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