Dr. Stone season 3 – release date, schedule for new episodes

[ad_1] Dr. Stone season 3 release date, new episode schedule! Season 3 announced anime “Doctor Stone” which will premiere in April 2023. Direct sequel to season 2 Dr. Stone Ryusuiit will continue the events of the Fountain of Petrification Saga. “Stone” age and scientific progress “Doctor Stone: New World” is a continuation of the animated … Read more

10 TV Shows Like The Last Of Us

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Walkthrough Second Bloom Day 1

[ad_1] My Name Is Violet is the first challenge of the Second Blossom event in Genshin Impact. See how to win this day, recommended characters and support skills, details of the first day stage of the second bloom and rewards here! Guide for the 1st day of the event Second Bloom Genshin Impact My name … Read more

Genshin Impact Gang of 30 Recruitment – How to Unlock Reputation in Sumeru

The quest “Recruitment for the Brigade of Thirty” is a short quest that opens immediately after completing the Archon’s “A Hundred Fresh Roses Morning Brings” quests. After passing it, tasks and orders become available to increase your reputation in Sumeru. Let’s figure out how to take the “Recruitment for the Brigade of 30” quest in … Read more

How to complete the Genshin Impact Librarian’s Long and Carefree Vacation

[ad_1] The librarian’s long and carefree vacation is part of the Second Blossom in Genshin Impact Version 3.4. Find out how to unlock the quest, complete the quest, and what rewards you can get for it! Genshin Impact Librarian’s Long and Carefree Vacation Conditions for obtaining access to the quest How to unlock Required condition:• … Read more