Ayaka or Shen He in Genshin Impact – who is better?

Ayaka or Shen He, that is the question! Let’s figure out together who is better to spin in the next version of Genshin Impact!

Community poll: who is better, Ayaka or Shen He

Calling you, the conscious part of the Genshin Impact community! For many players, it is vital to know which of these characters is more important today, because everyone will help in the account and do not want to make a mistake. Take the survey and let’s find out the truth together!

Also, a huge request to give your assessment in the comments and try to explain your position! Those who do not pass by are guaranteed the gratitude of many players from all over the world.

Additionally, we announce a competition for the best comment, where the three most useful comments will receive from us Blessing of the full moon.

Player opinions

CJwat11: If you use Gan Yu as your main DPS, be sure to pick Shen He. Ayaka will make your Gan Yu a sub-DPS/team support.

Noraneko_VelA: Shenhe is extremely niche and has no versatility. Don’t worry about it if you don’t already have powerful cryo commands you want to upgrade.
These are basically the only limited 5*s that I say don’t really deserve to be 5*

V_exe1A: Even with the TK team, you will get more use out of Ayaka. She is both a main dps and a fantastic subdps. Add to that the advantage of Ayaka allowing him to control 2 different commands (ganyu melt + ayaka freeze or double freeze)

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