Bake Danuki Travel Lover Genshin Impact – How to solve the riddle and complete the quest

The Bake Danuki Traveler is a Genshin Impact quest in which you need to help the Bake Danuki in the Golden Apple Archipelago by changing rock formations and solving puzzles. Our guide will guide you through all the stages of the task and help you get all the rewards for completing it.

Note: The quest takes place on the islands Golden Apple Archipelago and will no longer be available after the end of the version Genshin Impact 2.8. Based on this, remember that all the tasks that you find in the Archipelago must be completed as soon as possible and you have about 40 days for everything about everything.

Where to get the Bake Danuki – Traveller’s world quest and what are the requirements to access it

Bake Danuki on Pudding Island need help…

You need to talk to Bake Danuki Mamesuke on Pudding Island during the quest Rhyme and melody of a summer dreamto get a peace quest Bake-danuki is a travel lover.

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Walkthrough Bake Danuki – Genshin Impact travel lover. All locations and puzzles of the quest.

Use your elemental sense to find clues

Talk to Paimon

Talk to Mamesuke

Give Shibasuke 1 Flaming Flower Stamen

Go to bonsai

Change the rock formation to the right of the bonsai to Serenity Stones

Find Shibasuke in the mountains

Defeat Hilichurl Guards

Save the Bake Danuki

Talk to Bake Danuki

Go to bonsai

Meet Mamesuke

Change the stone formations on both sides of the bonsai to Serenity Stones

Talk to Mamesuke and Shibasuke

Follow Mamesuke and Shibasuke

Smash Anemo Amber

Talk to Mamesuke and Shibasuke

Give the sunsets to Mamesuke

Defeat Pyro Slime

Go to bonsai

Change the rock formations on both sides of the bonsai to Steadfast Stones

Solve the riddle

Talk to Mamesuke and Shibasuke

Defeat the Guardian of the Ruins

Talk to Mamesuke and Shibasuke

Head to the Valley of the Winds

Wait for the anomalies of the island to stop and head to the bonsai

Go to bonsai


Adventure Experience x 350
Source Stone x 40
Mora x 30000
Hero XP x 3
Arcane Enhancement Ore x 6

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