Free Fire Best survival Battle Royale on mobile

Best survival Battle Royale on mobile


    PATCH NOTICE: RAMPAGE NOTE: RAMPAGE 2021-06-08 Garena Free Fire’s Rampage Campaign back for its third edition headlined with a theme song by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. PATCH NOTE: WORLD SERIES LOAD MORE A group from various backgrounds and classes was brought to an isolated island in the midst of a mysterious organization called FF. The group was told that only 1 person can escape this island alive. The testers have lost most of their memories, and only a few bits remain. All of them have one goal: to stay alive.


    LOAD MORE Dbee is a street dancer and music creator. When you fire while moving, your speed and accuracy will increase.

    Distance increases the damage. The damage to marked enemies is greater.

    Temporarily gains 80 HP, which is an increase in damage to shields and Gloo Walls. It lasts 10 seconds.

    You can unleash a sonic wave that damages Gloo Walls. Each Gloo Wall will also result in HP recovery. The recovery effects are not cumulative.

    Shirou is an app delivery boy.

    If the attacker is within 80m of the user, they are marked (only visible by user). Additional armor penetration is possible for the first shot at marked enemies.

    Chrono is an alien bounty hunter.

    It creates a forcefield that blocks enemies from causing damage. You can fire directly from the force field. Activation can be performed within the force field to increase your movement speed.

    Dasha is a rebel and prankster.

    Recoveries from falls are quicker and less costly. Recalls should be reduced and the maximum amount of recoil can be used.

    K is a professor and expert in jiujitsu.

    Maximum EP increase by 50 Jiujitsu Mode – Allies within 6m receives 500% more EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every {4s, up to {6} EP.|Psychology Mode: You can recover 2 EP every 4 hours, or up to 6 EP per day.} Mode switch CD 20s.

    After taking out an opponent, the gun’s magazines automatically get reloaded (limited AR, Pistol SMG, SG).

    Lucretia is a rising soccer star.

    Each kill increases the max HP by up to 35


    Clash Squad will be adding a new rank, “Grandmaster”, to its ranks. To win the Grandmaster Badge, challenge yourself to be among the top 1000 Heroic players! The new Rank Season is available starting 06/09/08/05. (

    Vending Machine

    Adjustment of the Loot and Purchase Limits

    “We are increasing the number of items in the vending machine to ensure it has enough items for battle. To prevent players from stacking up utility items in the end-game, we are increasing personal purchase limits for some consumables. The Vending Machine now has an additional ammo and armor repair kit.

    Some items have a higher purchase limit.

    Optimized loot on the ground so that it doesn’t overlap with vending machine

    Revival Points

    “Reviving your teammates through the revival points wasn’t as difficult as we expected. To ensure that each revives in Battle Royale is costly, we are increasing the difficulty of capturing revival points. It’s time to capture the revival points:

    Adjustment of Rank Points

    “Since the introduction of the revival system in Rank Mode we have noticed that ranking up has become more difficult as opponents now have the opportunity to return to battlegrounds. We are increasing the total rank points output to make ranking up slightly easier. We have increased the total rank points output for all ranks.

    Update Map and Mini-Games

    Based on player feedback, we’re adding more features to the Training Grounds this patch. We’re expanding the Training Grounds’ capacity to allow players to hang out with more people. We are also adding social features such as Emojis, a Combat Zone leaderboard, and a lap-timer on the race track. Check it out! The Training Grounds have been increased by the addition of an Air Ship to the social zone. You can enter the airship through the portal near the fountain.

    The Race Track has a number of added bumper cars.

    A lap timer has been added to the Race Track.

    A Leaderboard has been added to the combat zone.


    Game Features Update

    Matchmaking, Minigames, and Skill Development Available

    “Pet Rumble’s early accessibility was very well received by players last patch. This mode will be made available to all players via matchmaking as soon as possible. We have also added four mini-games for Scientists. Let us know your favorites! Matchmaking is available starting 06/09.

    Four new mini-games have been added to the Scientists’ tasks.

    Available for Pranksters: New Skill “Trap”.


    New Grenade Ice Grenade

    Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad

    “Introducing the Ice Grenade. This utility grenade will explode and leave behind an aura that deals damage over time. The Ice Grenade can be used to force your enemies to leave their covers. Explosive Damage: 100 Radius: 5m Ice Frost Radius Duration: 10s Deep Frost- Ice Frost causes players to experience a 10% reduction in movement speed and 20% fire rate. They also receive 510 damages depending on how long they are frozen. Allies will be affected by Ice Frost.


    10 top battle royale games, such as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile on Android

    Battle Royale is now available on Android, along with Fortnite and PUBG mobile. These are just a few of the top battle royale games available for Android.

    Fortnite and PUBG Mobile were huge hits on Android. These games already have millions of players and they helped to launch the mobile battle royale genre. These two games are among the most popular first-person shooter titles. They are not for everyone. The games are easy to learn and have a long playtime. Some players might want to explore other genres. We can help! These are the top Android battle royale games right now.


    Battlelands Royale

    Battlelands Royale, a third-person battle royale game, is free to play. It is also smaller than many. The 32-player battle royales are where players drop in. Matches typically last between three and five minutes. It’s a pretty standard battle royale. You will find items, then use them to defeat your opponents. The goal is to be the last person standing. Character upgrades are available, as well as the shrinking area mechanic and many other features. Some lag issues can occur from time to time, and the free-to-play model is more aggressive than Fortnite or PUBG Mobile. This is an excellent game.

    The top shooting games for Android

    Mobile Call of Duty

    Price: Call of Duty: Mobile was the biggest mobile game release of any time. It’s not surprising. This game is among the best in its genre and has a lot of content. There are several PvP modes available, including a 100-player Battle Royale mode. The game also features a lot of customizations and weapons that you can unlock to play alongside your friends as you battle it out. It is up there with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile as the top battle royale game on mobile. Unless the developers make a mistake, it will remain that way for a while.

    These are the Call of Duty Mobile controllers that Call of Duty Mobile supports for Android and iOS


    Creative Destruction

    Cost: Creative Destruction is free to play. It’s very similar to Fortnite. We consider it a clone. However, it’s a decent copy. It includes a large map, with different landscapes, and matches for 100 players. You can create and destroy things. You can also play in the first or third person. This was very enjoyable. It runs poorly on low-end phones and mid-range phones. It occasionally has a bug. However, it was quite pleasant to use in our testing.

    Google Play it

    Guns Royale

    Guns Royale is free to play. It’s a standard battle royale title, in terms of mechanics. In a huge free-for-all shootout, you drop down with many players in a shrinking zone. The game changes from a first-person perspective to a three-quarters isometric view. You can see all your opponents around you and even in corners, so the game dynamics are quite different. This game also features AR elements, which will make it even more fun. Although it is free to play, it doesn’t force you to do so. IO games often have a battle royale vibe.

    These are the best AR and augmented reality games for Android

    The majority of IO games

    Price: Free to Play (usually). There are many IO games that have battle royale elements. and are some of the most popular. These games often place you in the middle of a huge battle with random players from all over the world. Each game has its own mechanics. uses blobs, while uses an ax. The core concept is the same in all of these games. You are often accompanied by many people and you can keep going until someone loses. These are often freemium games and all suffer from the same connectivity and lag problems. They are however the easiest battle royale game available. Check out our top IO games list here. Get it on Google Play


    Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

    Price: Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a clone version of PUBG. Although it uses pixel-style graphics, most of the mechanics are the same as in other shooter battle royale games. Drop-in, find things, kill other players, and survive for as long as possible. It also has an in-game chat and auto shooting. However, we found some stability issues during testing. If you are looking for something similar, you may as well choose PUBG Mobile. It’s still better than the majority of PUBG clones available on Google Play.

    These are the best alternatives to PUBG mobile in India

Alcatraz in Call of Duty Mobile – Overview of the New Battle Royale Map and Tips

These strategies will help you succeed on Alcatraz, the new map that transforms the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Experience.

Did you think that the Anniversary Season could be hosted on only one Battle Royale map?

Alcatraz, the notorious prison island that emits unnatural energy and is known for its infamous behavior, is now available in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale as a second playable map.

Alcatraz is a new Battle Royale mechanic that was first introduced in Call of Duty(r), Black Ops 4. It allows for an exciting, fast-paced, and unique experience. Squads need to be aggressive if they are to win, whether it is close-quarters fighting in the Cellhouse or long-range fighting on island grounds. Redeploy planes may help bring teams that have lost their last survivor back up to full strength.

This is what you need to know about the new map. It also includes tips for doing what few people have done before: getting off of this island alive.

Alcatraz Overview While Isolated spreads players over a large area of territory, Alcatraz’s map has a smaller scale. This forces engagements early and often, for a reduced lobby size with ten four-player squads.

The circle collapse, just like Isolated, will activate shortly after the match starts. It will place players in a smaller safe zone as they fight to become the last remaining squad. Alcatraz also has weapon vending machines and ammo. All machine locations are marked on the minimap so soldiers can plan their drops.

Each player comes in with an uncommon Assault Rifle or SMG. Players can also redeploy up to five times after their death. Redeploy planes will fly over to give fallen teammates a second chance at victory and a way to defend themselves on the drop, as long as at least one of them is still alive.

Alcatraz also offers classes. Instead of picking one and dropping it into a Battle Royale match, like Isolated, soldiers will be able to find them on the ground, in boxes, or in an Airdrop. Expect to see the Scout, Ninja, and Defender classes, as well as the Smoke Bomber and Hacker classes, among other weapons and equipment.

You don’t have to worry about switching classes during matches via pickups. Any energy you earn towards active skills can be maintained between classes. Dying will reset your energy and throw away your class, which can limit your redeployment options.

The map is another major feature of Alcatraz; you can expect to fight around and in the landmarks on the island.

Alcatraz Map Intel North Island Powerhouse, Industries, and Officer’s Club Several buildings are located along the northern coast, ready for intense close-quarters combat.

Model Industries is the tallest of these landmarks. It’s a three-story building that has an accessible basement and roof. All of it could have items essential to your survival. Grab a long-range weapon, and climb up to the roof. This will give you a view of the other buildings. The New Industries building is a shorter structure but has an opening on its rooftop that allows for easy drop-ins.

The Powerhouse is a tall, narrow building that can host many fights inside its interior. On its accessible rooftop, those who are interested can watch the action below in open spaces. Or they can battle the Model Industries building.

The Officer’s Club is the smallest of the bunch. This long building can be used as an escape from the chaos in other landmarks or as a hub for intense CQB combat. This building is located near the Docks. Squads can board a cable car to ride up to the Cellhouse, the most important of the map’s Center Island locations.

Center Island: Cellhouse & Warden’s House Located in the middle of this map is the Cellhouse. This famous penitentiary was where the vilest criminals were kept.

These cellblocks can be used to host a Battle Royale. They are multi-level shooting areas with a variety of items within the tight corridors. You can either enter from the top or the bottom of the Cellhouse. However, you should always be prepared for a fight no matter how you get in. Expect close-range fights in corners. Long-distance and mid-range weaponry will find its way near stairs and up the roof.

The Warden’s House is located at the south end of Cellhouse. This area has several multi-story buildings and makes it an excellent alternative drop point for anyone looking to escape the chaos of Cellhouse or grab its survivors. The lighthouse is a great spot for snipers, and the water tower north of Cellhouse offers a stunning view.

South Island: Ruins Parade Grounds Docks and Shipwreck The Ruins (and Parade Grounds) are two of the most open and low-lying areas on the island. These are great places to drop in at the beginning of the match as they have plenty of items for everyone. These areas are not ideal for protection against snipers from higher ground, so don’t stay too long.

You can get away from all the action by heading south to the Parade Grounds and the Shipwreck. It is a more open location than other landmarks so it is less well-known. However, if you do stay there as the game progresses, be prepared for long-range attacks. This area is often closed off by the circle collapse early in the game. So drop in, loot, and then move to the main island.

The Docks also have its namesake structures along the water and a main building at the shore. There are plenty of places to collect items on the Docks. They are also lower than other points north and central, but they could be safer than Ruins or Parade Grounds. On the way to Officer’s Club, you will also find an entry point for the Cable Car north of Docks.

Top 5 Tips for Alcatraz 5. Do not fight first, but loot later. Although it can be tempting to go looking for items as soon as you enter a building, make sure to first look around for potential enemies before collecting any items. If an enemy soldier is right around the corner, you won’t be able to use your shiny assault rifle for any purpose.

4. Redeploy and engage. After death, your equipped weapons and classes are lost. But keep your chin up! Each redeploys grants you an uncommon assault rifle or SMG that is randomly selected for each match. You’ll eventually want to have better weapons than what’s on the island. However, you don’t need to be desperate to find a way to defend yourself.

3. Get ready to vend at the Vending Machine. Ground loot will be less as the match progresses. As you get closer to the end of the match, take note of where the vending machines are located and be ready for any soldiers who may have the same idea as you of going in on them after a redeploy.

2. Use your weapons to guide you. A shotgun or SMG is the best choice for tight spaces. Long-range weapons are the best for the rooftops as well as the outer islands. You can use your existing weapon setup to guide you to areas that could be of benefit to you.

1. Coordinate and communicate. Alcatraz is won or lost by those who use their microphones and coordinate their efforts, particularly when it comes down to infiltrating Cellhouse. You’ll be well on the way to escape the island with a well-earned win if you team up with your friends or get random squadmates on board using mics.

Soldier, prepare for mobilization; we’ll be there online.

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