Best weapon for Nilu in Genshin Impact

Every player Genshin Impactwho manage to get Neela will currently look for the best weapons they can get in their inventory. Nile is a 5-star sword-wielding hydro character that is primarily used in commands that spam the bud reaction and has skills that scale with her HP.

In other words, both HP and Elemental Mastery are important for getting the most out of Nealu. Besides equipping the right artifacts for that character, it’s also important to get the right sword for her. This article will showcase the best 5-star, 4-star and F2P weapons for Nilu in Genshin Impact.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Best 5-Star Weapon for Nilu in Genshin Impact

Key of Hajj Nisut

Obviously, Nilu’s signature weapon is the best weapon in the slot for her in Genshin Impact. Its passive ability to convert a portion of the wearer’s HP into Elemental Mastery is extremely useful for Neela as she can focus on maximizing her passive buff as well as dealing massive damage through budding.

Precious pool

Because the Precious pool (Jade Cutter) has an HP substat, as does Key of Hajj Nisut, players can expect this weapon to be suitable for Neela. They may be right in this opinion, but keep in mind that the attack bonus from the passive sword skill does little to increase Nil’s damage. While not comparable to the Key of Hajj-Nisut, Precious Pool is still a worthy cleaver for a hydro dancer.

Best 4-star and F2P weapons for Nilu in Genshin Impact

Corrupted Desire

This sword is only available to early players who participated in a certain event during Genshin Impact version 1.2. The Defiled Desire Passive will increase the DMG of the Wielder’s Elemental Skill by 32% at max refinement, and since Neela’s damage is mostly based on her Elemental Skill, the buffs are especially effective on 4-star weapons.

Xyphos moonlight

Xyphos moonlight is a 4-star gacha weapon exclusively available in the current weapon banner. Not only does it have substatic Elemental Mastery, it also provides a decent energy recharge for Nilu. Another special mention to his passive as it also offers the team the same energy recharge buff, which is rare among swords in Genshin Impact.

Sword of Favonius

Sword of Favonius has always been a good F2P support weapon in the game, especially if there are one or two characters on the team who require a lot of energy to unleash their elemental blasts. While Neal doesn’t have to rely too much on his elemental explosionhaving extra Elemental Particles will help other party members, especially Dendro units, make sure they have enough Energy to keep spamming their burst before going out of bounds.

Steel sting

Another F2P sword for Nilu is Steel sting, which can provide permanent bonuses even at lower cleaning levels. This blacksmith sword is a better option than the Sapwood Blade, another craftable weapon, especially when it comes to damage to Nile.

Nilu’s signature weapon is 5 star swordwhich can only be obtained from the weapon banner, but Genshin Impact players can replace it with other weapons mentioned in the list above, especially for F2P gamers who do not have 5-star swords.

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