Best weapon for Tartaglia Genshin Impact

Introducing the top 13 Tartaglia (Childe) bows in Genshin Impact. In this guide, you will find the most powerful weapon that you can choose for Tartaglia to further increase his already impressive damage.

Possibly the most difficult character in Genshin Impact is Tartaglia, also known as Childe. Snowy Native has been on both sides of the fence, both as the eleventh harbinger of Fatui and as a recruitable character for you. His weapon of choice is the bow and his element is Hydro, and when they mix with his personality, you’ll find that Tartaglia is the exact opposite of Ember.

Childe can also use electro, unlike other characters. Genshin Impact. This allows him to create his own resonances without teammates. In terms of damage, it either does heavy hits at a slower speed or weaker hits at high intensity, so you’ll want to focus on compensating one way or the other depending on how you’re going to use it.

Updated November 18, 2022: As with any game that is constantly evolving, Genshin Impact frequently adds new characters to the playlist and new weapons. When they do this, it forces players to reconsider which weapons best suit their characters. Since you’re probably trying to decide which bow to place with which party member again, it’s worth noting the large range that works well with Childe.

13/13 Raven Bow 3

A three-star weapon is often overlooked because it’s basic and easy to find, but it’s handy to have when you have a bow user you recently needed. You may not want to give your Refined Bow to a lower ranking party member, so if you just got Childe, Raven Bow – a good choice.

He can be obtained from prayers and will raise his base attack between 40 and 448, depending on his level in the game. He also has a sub-stat of Elemental Mastery, giving him an additional 20 to 94 to that statistic. Finally, when attacking enemies hit by hydro or pyro you will receive an additional 12% damage.

12/13 Luna moon 4

You can get the Luna Moon Bow from the Weapon Banner. Childe’s base attack will increase between 33 and 565 and secondary attack stats will gain an additional six to 27.6 percent.

Tartaglia will also receive an additional 0.12% elemental explosion damage based on the team’s total combined maximum energy stats. It can be stacked until it reaches a 40% increase in Childe’s explosion damage.

11/13 Green onion 4

You won’t be able to get the Green Bow until you unlock the Adventure Rank 20 Battle Pass, but once you get there, you can progress through the Pearl Anthem objectives in the Battle Pass to earn it. It increases basic attack between 42 and 510, depending on the level of your Childe, and has secondary stats Crit Ratewhich improves it by six percent to 27.6%.

Whenever you connect a strike with it, Tartaglia’s normal or targeted attacks will have a 50% chance to create a cyclone effect. This Cyclone will constantly attract any enemies in its path and deal out 40% ATK as direct damage to them. This can happen every half second for four seconds.

10/13 Stringless 4

Received at normal speed through prayers, Stringless raises Childe’s base attack between 42 and 510, depending on his level. Its secondary statistic is Elemental Masteryand gives him a boost from 36 to 165, also based on level.

The Elemental Mastery aspect of this weapon also allows it to give a 24 percent boost to Childe’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Explosion, so if you want to go all-in on his Pyro abilities Stringless can be extremely useful.

9/13 Rusty Bow 4

Another bow available through prayers, the Rust Bow boosts basic attack between 42 and 510, depending on Childe’s level. He offers an attack substat by increasing 9 to 41.3 percent, again depending on his level in the game.

A rusty bow will increase normal attack damage by 40 percent, but reduce charged attack damage by ten percent. This can be a problem, but depending on how you intend to use Tartaglia, you can use this to your advantage as he naturally has a speed and damage mismatch.

8/13 Prototype: Crescent 4

The prototype crescent moon is forged in a blacksmith shop, making it one of the simplest weapons. Basic Attack Speed ​​is from 42 to 510, and secondary Attack stats are the same as Rusted Bow – from 9 to 41.3 percent, depending on Childe’s level.

Any charged attacks that hit an opponent’s weak spot will increase movement speed by ten percent and attack by 36 percent for up to ten seconds.

7/13 Hamayumi 4

You can also forge this bow yourself at the blacksmith shop. Hamayumi will increase Child’s basic attack from 41 to 454, and his sub stat gives him 12 to 55.1 percent increase in his attack. While the perks aren’t overwhelming compared to other options, the ease of access makes it a solid weapon for Tartaglia and also boosts his overall attack.

It will also increase his normal attack by 16 percent and his charged attack damage by 12 percent. Whenever his energy is at 100 percent, these effects will be 100 percent effective.

6/13 Favonia Combat Bow 4

There are two possible ways to obtain the Favonius Warbow; either through prayers or after completing the quest blue shadow. No matter how you get it, once you give it to Tartaglia it will increase his base attack by 41-454, depending on his level. secondary statistics, energy rechargewill give him a 13.3 to 61.3 percent increase in his energy.

Critical hits with this bow have a 60% chance to create elemental particles that can be used to create six energies once every 12 seconds. This is useful when you rotate your team members.

5/13 Montenegrin Combat Bow 4

You will have to go through the Paimon trades to get the Montenegrin Combat Bow for Tartaglia. The base attack increase is from 44 to 565, depending on its level, and the damage substat Crit gives an increase of 8 to 36.8 percent.

After you eliminate a target, Childe’s attack is increased by 12 percent for up to 30 seconds. This can be stacked up to a maximum of three times, and each stack is independent of the others so you can stack more as they wear down.

4/13 Bow of Amos 5

Available from the Prayers tab, Amos’ Bow will boost basic attack between 46 and 608, depending on Childe’s level in the game. He has an attack substat that gives him an additional 10.8-49.6 percent of those stats.

This bow increases normal and charged attack damage by 12%, and each time it is used in combat, the damage is increased by another 8% for every 0.1 seconds the bow is in the air. You can stack this effect up to five times to maximize the benefits for Tartaglia.

3/13 Skywing 5

You can catch the Skywing through normal prayers. When equipped with this bow, Childe’s base attack will rise based on his level between 48 and 674. His Crit Rate will benefit from his substat, ranging from 4.8 to 22.1 percent.

Tartaglia’s crit damage is increased by 20 percent with Skyward Harp, and all his hit points will have a 60 percent chance to spread to a small AoE. More importantly, for four seconds, his physical attack damage will increase by 125 percent, making him incredibly powerful.

2/13 Thunder Pulse 5

Available through banners with a slightly slower drop rate due to its higher rank, Thundering Pulse boosts basic attack between 46 and 608. A substat is Crit damage, which will increase in a range of 14.4 to 66.2 percent, in depending on the level of Tartaglia.

Thunder Pulse will increase his Attack by 20 percent and bestow the power of Thunder Emblem that will increase his normal attack damage based on his stack levels. Each stack of Thunder Emblem is completely independent of the others.

1/13 North Star 5

You’ll have to roll the North Star Banner from the Event Weapon Banner, but once you get it, you’ll enjoy its benefits with Childe. Increasing his base attack between 46 and 608, depending on his level, as well as increasing his critical rate from 7.2 percent to 33.1 percent with his secondary stats, Polaris is a weapon top level.

Childe’s elemental skill and Elemental Explosion damage will also increase it by 12%. After he has used a Normal or Charged Attack, or his Elemental Skill or Explosion, he will gain one stack of polar night star within 12 seconds, and each stack is independent of the others.

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