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ATGenshin Impact Prosperity Book: Jazari Chapter is the second quest in an extensive quest chain vimana agama in Sumeru, in which you will uncover the truth about the disease of the forest and find the Amity device that opens the golem of the ruins. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Prosperity Book: Jazari Chapter.


How to start the quest Tome of Prosperity: Chapter “Jazari”


Passage of the task Book of Prosperity: chapter “Jazari”. How to activate the device and establish a connection to the power grid

Finally, you got inside the golem of the ruins. If you manage to activate it, you will be able to enter the underground ruins…

Paimon : There’s more room here than Paimon thought!
Jazari : Well, of course! Wait, it’s time for a classic quote.
Jazari : “Behold! Right before us is the thousand-year history of ancient Kaenri’ah!”
Jazari A: Oh, sorry, I digress. These are the well-known words of Iskandar, a scholar of the Vahuman school. Have you even read his biography?

Are you not from Kshahrewar?
Jazari : Thousands of times I read about it in books, but for the first time I see it with my own eyes. That’s why I can’t contain my spiritual impulses.
Paimon : How many vines are there. It must be true that no one has come in for a long time.
Jazari : According to “Research on the Problems Related to the Golem of the Ruins in Ancient Kaenri’ah,” the scientist Kavicavus conducted systematic research inside for the last time.
Jazari : I’m sure you don’t know this, but Kavikavus was one of the greatest scientists in the history of Kshahrevar. Kavikavus earned the degree of khirbad before he was thirty. True genius.
Jazari A: With his achievements, he was bound to become a sage sooner or later. But one day an incident happened on the expedition, and he lost the results of his research.
Jazari : And since then, Kshahrevar has been in decline. If he had lived a little longer, perhaps I would not have to think day and day about where to get pestilence.
Jazari : By the way, my dream as a scientist is to follow in the footsteps of Kavikavus.
Paimon : Now is not the time for dreams. Now we need…
Break the entrance.
Conduct academic research.
Paimon : Yes, but first we need to activate this colossus.
Jazari : Exactly. If we activate the ruin golem, I can get valuable data. This will be a breakthrough in my research.
Jazari : To get around the predecessors, you need to jump above your head.
Paimon : So let’s get it running. There must be some mechanism here that lights up when pressed.
Jazari : Mechanism … Although there is some. According to historical literature, you need to climb into the cockpit and open the splitting valve. Then the golem will launch.
Jazari : But, as I told you before, all ruin mechanisms are driven by the dark power of their cores. And the cores of the ruin golem… were sealed underneath.
Jazari : Even if we get into the cockpit, the usual way won’t work.
Jazari : We can’t even start the elevator. How do we get to the cockpit?
Paimon : Hmm … And what should we do now?
Try to knock.
So maybe there’s a different way?
Jazari : Hey! Yes, I have the highest permission of the Academy to conduct research, but no one allowed us to break.
Jazari : As they say, “when one door closes, another opens.” The people of Kaenri’ah thought about this situation.
Jazari : The Academy research says that the early ruin machines also had a backup power system. Perhaps they did not yet know how to cope with the dark power.
Energy system?
Just tell us what to do next.
Jazari : Unlike the cores, which provide virtually unlimited power, this system consists of a set of small energy relays.
Jazari : These devices are powered by energy cubes that store pure energy extracted from the arteries of the earth.
Jazari : According to Vahuman scientists, this energy system was widely used long before the first ruin mechanism was built in ancient Kaenri’ah.
Jazari : When we entered, I noticed that this is an early model of the golem. It must be equipped with a backup power system.
Jazari : The core charge bay is on the lower floor. Let’s think about how we can get down there.
Activate your device
Establish a connection to the power grid on the lower floors
Paimon : Wow! Earned!
Jazari : n/a
Paimon : But why is nothing happening?
Jazari A: Because the back-up system consists of a set of small power relays.
Jazari A: In other words, you need to start from the bottom floor. The system will only work when all relays are connected.
Traveler : All relays…
Jazari : Considering the golem’s damage, it will be difficult for it to operate at full capacity.
Jazari : But just at the moment when you activated the relay, I found this in the energy bay.
Jazari : Looks like it’s a blueprint for a golem. It must have been forgotten by the repair crew.
Jazari : According to the blueprint, we just need to connect a few key relays and we can start this machine…
Jazari : …Well, or at least we can start this elevator and go up to the cabin.
Paimon : Sounds a little doubtful…
Jazari : Well, since we can’t do anything else, go downstairs and start the mechanism to rise.
Paimon : Hey, why aren’t you coming with us?
Jazari : I’ll stay here to take a few naps… I mean, to make an examination of the internal structure of the golem. It is very important.
Jazari : And I, as a scientist, cannot help you. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.
Jazari : Look at the ingenious equipment around. A real masterpiece of ancient civilization!
Jazari : This is valuable information for research. I have to write it down.
Talk to Jazari
Jazari : Already back? I’m still studying the supporting structure of the mechanical part. But I’m impressed that you were able to start the elevator!
Traveler : You randomly said about activation, right?
Jazari : Well… I read about it in books.
Jazari : Even in the Academy, there are not even three people who could deal with the scheme. So a correct guess is already very, very good.
Jazari : In general, since the elevator is working, we need to activate the relay on the middle floor – then we can go up to the cabin.
Jazari : Let’s see… All the relays on the middle floor should be in the power bay. You just need to include all four pieces.
Jazari : I’ll be waiting for you here.
Jazari : n/a
Connect all four relays in the middle
Defeat the Knights of the Black Serpent
Talk to Jazari
Jazari : Hm? What were you doing there? I heard something while I was fiddling with the induction circuit.
Jazari : Whatever you do there, be careful. If something happens, how will I explain it in the report?
We met the pilot.
We met an old friend.
Jazari : Pilot? Are you kidding me?
Jazari : Even the people of Kaenri’ah cannot live for several centuries.
Jazari : Anyway, I assume you connected all the relays on the middle floor.
Jazari A: I’m almost done. Let’s go up to the cabin on the top floor.
Jazari : As before, we need to connect the power system to the cockpit control system in order to activate the golem.
Establish a connection to the cockpit power system
Enter the cockpit
Paimon : Well … Apparently, apart from this dark stone, there is nothing more of value here.
Jazari : Kamenyugi? Don’t underestimate him. If we can get the control system up and running, we can see the outside through him.
Jazari : The control system appears to be in working order. The creations of ancient Kaenri’ah are amazing.
Jazari : I thought that in my life I would not have such a chance. And now I see that I can finish the report, and the Pir Kavikavus award is only a matter of time.
Paimon : Let’s quickly try to run this robot. I can’t wait any longer.
#As I thought {F#a}.
Let’s not waste time.
Jazari : Take your time. Follow the instructions!
Activate the ruin golem
Jazari : Let’s take a look. According to the documentation, the lever needs to be pulled … to what position? ..
Talk to Jazari
Jazari : I said that everything must be done according to the instructions …
Traveler : We didn’t touch anything…
Paimon : The hand just took and fell off. Paimon thinks the robot is the problem.
Jazari : Okay, I’ll write it off as an accident during the experiment. Oh… I hope this doesn’t affect my report.
Jazari : Well, apparently, the golem can no longer be launched. So there is no reason for you to stay here anymore.
Jazari : I know you’re here investigating the pollution of the ruins, but the golem is of little use at the moment.
Jazari A: However, you can achieve very unexpected results.
Jazari : Well, I won’t detain you anymore. My research is over.
Jazari : You can return to me when you finish your work… If I am not punished for destroying the ruin golem.
Jazari A: Then I’ll help you formally apply for Chaos Core Research.
Jazari A: Only I won’t be responsible for this project. But half of the funding is yours.
Jazari : Everyone can start a career in the academy, if there is a craving for knowledge! Dare!

Quest Rewards Book of Prosperity: Jazari Chapter

  • Adventure Experience x350
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x30000
  • Hero XP x3
  • Arcane Enhancement Ore x4

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