Chainsaw Man season 2 – release date, schedule for new episodes

Chainsaw man anime season 2. Pets are selfless and grateful creatures. Be kind to them and maybe one day they will save your life. You can verify this if you wait for the premiere of season 2 of the Chainsaw Man anime. We recall the events of the last chapter and figure out what to expect from the continuation.

And the main question is how long to wait for the continuation, because the exact release date for season 2 of Chainsaw Man has not yet been named, but we assume that the premiere of new episodes is worth waiting for at the beginning of 2024!

Watching Anime Chainsaw Man Season 2

Chainsaw Man is the story of the protagonist named Denji. His dream has always been a quiet life next to his girlfriend, and so that there is a minimum of cause for concern. He makes a living by killing demons., for which very modest money is obtained. But soon he is deprived of this as well – Denji dies in a fight with the enemy.

It seems that everything is over for him, but no – the beloved pet of the hero named Pochita comes to the rescue. He will save the life of the owner, and also gives him unique abilities. Now the second-class demon slayer becomes a chainsaw man: he can turn various parts of the body into saws. Of course, this ability opens up new possibilities for him.. Now, to deal with enemies, he needs just a couple of moments.

A talented and helpful guy is noticed by the Public Security Bureau and offers him a job. Now Denji takes the post of a hunter and is not afraid of even the most cruel opponents. He is ready to do anything to achieve the main – happiness and peace.

After the bright start of the first chapter, everyone is waiting for the official extension of the Chainsaw Man anime for season 2 and the release date for the new episodes, but the bosses are still silent. Nevertheless, you should not worry about the fate of the tape – the creators still have enough texture to produce fresh episodes, and they definitely attracted public attention. We hope that the silence will be broken soon and we will find out when the main character will return to fight against enemies.


We will soon add release dates for season 2 episodes about the man with a chainsaw to our schedule, but for now, the creators keep the schedule a secret, we will tell you about the process of creating the tape and the participants in the process. The basis for the picture was the manga by Tatsuki Fujimotofirst presented in 2018.

In December 2020, it was announced that the work will receive an anime adaptation. The film was directed by Ryu Nakayama and accompanied by Makoto Nakazono. Hiroshi Seko was commissioned to adapt the story into a screenplay., and character designs by Kazutki Sugiyama. Kiyotki Rshiyama is responsible for drawing the demons that the main character fights.

Before the bosses announced the premiere, let’s ask you: what do you think, does the Chainsaw Man anime deserve a release date for season 2 or not? Share your opinion and wait for the continuation with us, to see if Denji achieves his goals.

Season 2 episode schedule

Original name: Chainsaw Man
Series number Premier dates
Release date: 2024
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: MAPPA
Genre: Shounen, Action, Supernatural
Season 2 Episode 1 early 2024
season 2 episode 2 early 2024
season 2 episode 3 early 2024
Season 2 Episode 4 early 2024
Season 2 Episode 5 2024
season 2 episode 6 2024
Season 2 Episode 7 2024
season 2 episode 8 2024
Season 2 Episode 9 2024
Season 2 Episode 10 2024
Season 2 Episode 11 2024
Season 2 Episode 12 2024

Trailer for anime Chainsaw Man

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