Children of the Forest: Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough


AT Genshin Impact children of the forest is the fourth quest in the chain assignments dream nursery to Sumeru, during which you will heal Varuna’s Machine and help Aranakula return to caring for the kennel. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. children of the forest.


How to start Children of the Forest Genshin Impact quest

Automatically starts after the quest Feast of Utsava.

Passage of the task Children of the forest.

To get the bija and help Rana, you need to find the aranar and help them prepare for the Utsava Festival. In the Aranyaka you received from Arama, write down the stories of the Aranar, as well as the clues you find during your adventures.

Go on an adventure with aranars

Quest rewards Children of the Forest

  • Adventure XP x100
  • Primogems x20
  • Mora x10000

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