Christian Bale could return as Batman if Nolan wants it

After playing the role of the godslayer Gorr in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder» Christian Bale has again become the target of fans of superhero films and all sorts of theories. DC is following trends with the multiverse and is trying to develop its own within the DCEU. In a movie about Flash (unless it is finally canceled due to antics Ezra Miller) should appear Michael Keaton in the image of Tim Burton’s Batman and Snyder’s Ben Affleck. What about the dark knight Bale?

Former Batman spoke to reporters Screen Rant and told them that he would return to the role only at the request of the director Christopher Nolan:

No. Nobody told me about it [о предложении поучаствовать в киновселенной DC]. Nolan and I had an agreement. We decided that if we were lucky, we would make three films. And then we’ll just leave, let’s not delay. But if Chris Nolan wanted to tell another story with my participation, then I would fit in.

But it’s better for bigwigs from Warner Bros. and insane fans to release Bale into a well-deserved superhero retirement. He and so does not knowwhat is the MCU, and they stick to it with some kind of DCEU!

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