Day I” Genshin Impact Paper Theater Walkthrough

Help siblings reunite in the Homecoming: Day I Drama Challenge Paper Theater in Genshin Impact. Guide to the passage of the first day of the event.

The Genshin Impact version 3.4 event, Sea Lantern Celebration, String Harmony at Night, is running from January 19 2023 year to February 6 2023 of the year, bringing a new wave of sights and memories under Li Yue’s festive skies. During the event, you can take part in a variety of competitions to earn amazing rewards, including a new mini-game called Paper Theater.

How to start Paper Theater in the Genshin Impact event String Harmony Night

You must first complete the first festival quest called “A thousand miles following the mysterious melody”, which unlocks all actions of the Sea Lantern Festival. Then open the event menu, press “Event Details”, select “Paper Theater” and start the quest called “opening talk“. This will take you to the north jetty where you will get an introduction to the Paper Theater and can start playing through the various stages.

How paper theater works in Genshin Impact

When the scene starts goal will appear at the top of the screen. In the example above, it is “Enter the room”. You then need to modify the three segments of the scene at the bottom to create the required sequence, ensuring that the character doesn’t touch the obstacle (which glows red).

pressing per segment suspends it, so you can wait until the character is facing a certain direction before changing the placement.

You need click on frame and drag selected segment to another position to swap their placements. In the example above, segments one and two will change positions. Your goal is to complete the scene’s objective.

How to complete the Homecoming scene in Genshin Impact Paper Theater

Talk to Ying Gong to initiate the Paper Theater. Homecoming contains three scenes. Here’s how to complete them all.

Homecoming: Scene I

While the character facing rightchange positions segments one and two so that the vase was behind the character. This will give the character an unobstructed path to the door, ending the scene.

Homecoming: Scene II

The direction of the character’s movement is very important for this scene, so act quickly! If you make a mistake, you can restart performance using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

While the character facing rightchange positions segments one and two so that the trap was behind the character.

Wait until the character starts looking to the left. When this happens, change positions immediately segments two and three. This will allow the character to enter the door by going west, avoiding the trap in the first segment.

Homecoming: Scene III

The first segment is blocked at the beginning of the scene, so you need to change positions segments two and three. And Bean (female character) should be on the very right side of the screen.

Wait until the character is on the second segment and turn left. As soon as this happens, immediately switch segments two and three. This will create a path for the character to directly meet Yi Bin without obstacles.

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