Dendro Archon Nahida will have the most unique passive ability in Genshin Impact

Dendro Archon Nahida has an incredibly unique passive ability based on the current Genshin Impact leaks. Basically, this gives her Elemental Skill more utility than just helping out during battles.

For clarification, here’s what her leaked passive says Understanding everything that exists (On All Things Intermediarted):

“With All Known Intentions, Nahida can interact with pickups in a certain area.
Perhaps this skill has other effects…”

Ability Description

Gameplay footage shows that this passive makes her Elemental Skill different from everything else currently in Genshin Impact. Naturally, some readers may want to see proof of this claim, so they are encouraged to watch the following video.

How Nahida’s Dendro Archon Passive Affects Her Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact

Typically, Nahida’s Elemental Skill does the following when it is activated:

“Enters a targeting mode that will allow you to target a limited number of opponents within a limited area. During this time, Nahida’s resistance to interruption will be strengthened. When released, this skill deals Dendro’s DMG to those opponents and marks them with Skandha’s Seed. The aiming mode will last up to 5 seconds and can target a maximum of 8 opponents.”

By itself, this is already quite unique among Elemental Skills. Users not using the Bow usually cannot enter aim mode, but that’s not all. Her first Passive gives this ability two additional unique traits:

  1. Reading NPC Dialogue
  2. Collecting items and loot

The video above is an example of the first unique part.

So here’s what happens when Nahida targets her Elemental Skill at an NPC:

  • An emoticon animation appears.
  • Activating her Elemental Skill after seeing this emoticon causes her to read the minds of NPCs.

Unfortunately the current dialog just shows “…” for those NPCs in these leaks. The full application of this part of her ability is not fully known in Genshin Impact. Its use is yet to be discussed.

For comparison, this video includes Archon Dendropicking some fruit with his Elemental Skill. Essentially, this means that this ability has three main characteristics:

  1. Good damage from enemies
  2. More NPC dialogue
  3. Collecting items and loot

It’s important to note that this ability doesn’t just collect a single item. She is able to harvest as much as Dendro Archon will record, with the above video showing her quickly getting three fruits from the tree.

Her Elemental Skill has a six second cooldown when it is held. Thus, it is possible to grow multiple items easily just by using this ability effectively. Most of the other Genshin Impact characters have minimal use for their Elemental Skill outside of battle compared to Nahida.

Nahida release date

Dendro Archon is supposed to be in the first phase of the Genshin Impact 3.2 banners. Therefore, this means that her release date will be November 2, 2022. Keep in mind that its official release date has yet to be confirmed. HoYoverse.

However, there isn’t much time left until Genshin Impact players finally see Dendro Archon’s Elemental Skill in action outside of leaks. A lot can change between then and now, so it’s important to mention that some content is subject to change.

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