Dendrocules Genshin impact – All that is known today

The Genshin Impact community has witnessed numerous leaks since the 3.0 beta test began. Fresh leaks say that a whopping 270 dendrocules will be added around Sumeru available for collection.

The leaks also revealed what the new Dendroculus will look like. Assuming these leaks are correct, the Sumeru Dendro Nation will have the most Oculi in the current release. Genshin Impact.

Prior to the Dendrocules, Inazuma was the Oculus leader with 180 electrocules. The following article will cover all the latest Dendroculus leaks in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: 270 Dendrocules Sumeru

Reliable sources have leaked new information about the upcoming dendro region of Sumeru. New leaks from beta 3.0 revealed that players will have to collect 270 Dendrocules to max out the statue Seven Archons. This is the highest amount of Oculuses that will be available for players to collect in Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact community has had mixed reactions to the sheer number of Dndroculs. While some jokingly mention that they have yet to complete their collection of Geocules and Electrocules, the other half of the community is happy that they have a reason to thoroughly explore Sumeru.

A trusted Project Celestia insider has revealed more information about the Seven Sumeru Statue. Leaks suggest that players can expect rewards similar to Inazuma’s. However, each level of the Seven Sumeru Statue will require ten more Dendrocules than Inazuma’s Electrocules.

The leaks do not mention the exact number of Dendrocules required for each level of the Seven Sumeru Statue. Players will have to wait for future leaks to get more information about them.

Sumeru will create a new ecosystem in Genshin impact 3.0 update

Fresh leaks have also mentioned a new suggestion system to be added to Sumeru that is similar to Inazuma’s Sakura. This creates a new ecosystem in Sumeru where collecting all Dendrocules will reward players handsomely.

Players who use the collected Dendrocul to level up the Statue of the Seven Sumeru will be rewarded with Dendro Sigils and other rewards. Players need these seals to level up the upcoming Sumeru system”Dream Tree, Vanarana“.

Players can also collect Dendro Sigils by opening treasure chests, and since the Dream Tree will have up to 50 levels, Travelers will need a lot of Dendro Sigils.

Unlock all levelsDream Trees, Vanaranawill reward players with the following:

  • primordial resin × 5
  • Fateful Encounters × 20
  • Intertwined Fates × 10
  • 1 from each Midlander weapon blank
  • Crown of Insight × 5
  • Sumeru Deep Shrine Keys × 4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore × 500
  • Mora × 2.5 million

As leaked information shows, tons of rewards await players in Sumeru with the release of patch 3.0. The first step to collecting these exciting rewards starts with collecting Dendrocules.

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