Dendrogranums, the creation of the Tristlans, the seeds of Triya, etc.


The second volume of Sumeru’s adventure diary for Genshin Impact version 3.0 was released on August 18. This time he introduces players to fantastic creatures in the land of Dendro.

Said creature focuses on plants that will help players explore Sumeru, as it has its own effects that allow travelers to jump higher, regenerate stamina, and assist in combat.

Fantastic creatures to the Genshin impact version 3.0

During the latest Genshin Impact 3.0 special, a developer informed Travelers that several dendro objects in Sumeru can change states when interacting with pyro, hydro, and electro. Second volume Sumeru Adventure Diary explained in more detail the specified ecosystem.

Creations of Trilakshana Genshin Impact

The first special being, the creation of Trilakshana, can transform through stimuli from certain elemental energies. It has three states: normal, lively and burned.

Trilakshans can be in normal mode whenever Travelers find them in Sumeru. However, when a creature comes into contact with Electro or Pyro, it enters the Animated or Burnt state.

Different effects of TRIKSANAS (image Hoyoverse)

From the official illustration, it can be seen that Travelers can jump on creating three Trilakshana that are normally higher than normal, while Burnt Trilakshana mode will further increase the power of the jump.

Trilakshana creatures animated by Electro release a pulse of truth that reveals the location of some hidden items.

There are several variants of trilakshana:

  • Strange jumping mushrooms
  • Strong vines that can raise stones
  • Dangerous mushrooms that produce poisonous clouds

Triana Seeds Genshin Impact

A broken torch will appear when it is hit by a Truesense impulse (Image via HoYoverse)

Like trilakshana creatures, Triyana seeds also have three states. In normal mode, the creature will move along a fixed trajectory. When they are burned out, they will stop moving. Finally, when activated with electro, they will release “Impulse of Truth“, which can display the location of certain hidden items.

Four leaf symbol and inflorescence buds

A four-leaf Sigil that can be used to travel fast (image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players can find a flower called the Four Leaf Symbol in Sumeru. When the active characters encounter one such plant, they can use it to fast travel.

Travelers can also find Inflorescence Buds in Sumeru and attack them with the Dendro element to scatter four-leaf symbols in a certain place. This mechanism will undoubtedly greatly facilitate the player’s adventure.

Plant that restores stamina

A glowing plant that can restore stamina (Image via HoYoverse)

An unnamed plant in Sumeru is said to be able to revive players’ stamina when they pick it up. From the illustration, they can find these plants near rocks or places that require a lot of sprinting and climbing.


Dendrogran in Sumer (Image via HoYoverse)

If Inazuma has Electro Granums, then Sumeru has his Dendro Granums. Genshin Impact players can summon them by encountering certain branches in Sumeru. The Dendrogranum will help characters attack during combat.

Not only did the fantasy creatures fit the atmosphere of Sumeru as the country of Dendro, but they could also help the Travelers explore a vast new region.


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