“Descent to the Deva Cave” chapter of Genshin Impact


AT Genshin Impact Prosperity Book: Descend to the Deva Cave chapter is the third quest in an extensive quest chain vimana agama in Sumeru, in which you will uncover the truth about the disease of the forest and find the Amity device that opens the golem of the ruins. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Prosperity Book: Descend to the Deva Cave chapter


How to start the quest Tome of Prosperity: Chapter “Descent to the Deva Cave”


Passage of the task Book of Prosperity: Chapter “Descent into the Cave of the Deva”. How to close the extractor.

Somehow you managed to open the entrance to the underground ruins. If you find the core in the Deva Cave, you will uncover the truth about the disease of the forest…

Leave the golem of the ruins
Jazari : The doors to science are open to all who are eager to know the truth.
Jazari : Go forward with this faith!
Paimon : Oh, Ararikan, what are you doing here?
Ararikan : Ararikan has finished planting the flower and is waiting for you.
Ararikan : But something fell off the Great Iron Mountain and nearly fell on Ararikan.
Paimon : Oh, sorry, Ararikan!
Ararikan : Paimon has nothing to apologize for. Ararikan is fine. Ararikan runs fast, so nothing fell on him.
Traveler : We’re glad you’re okay
Paimon : It seems that the hand that fell off the robot broke through the entrance to the ruins. Well, at least something.
Paimon : Let’s go down and have a look. Suddenly something terrible is waiting for us there!
Ararikan : Ararikan is coming with you!
Enter underground ruins
Explore the ruins
Keep researching
Paimon : I guess that glowing thing is the core of chaos that we heard about from Jazari.
Paimon : It’s under the branches and vines, but something seems to be leaking out of this thing.
Ararikan : Ararikan feels how dirty this thing is. It makes the forest sick.
Paimon : Oh, it looks like the Abyssal mages are up to something here. And that can’t be good.
Paimon : Jazari spoke about the core seal being destroyed. It must be the work of the Void Mages.
Paimon : In general, let Ararikan wait outside, and we’ll figure it out here!
Defeat the Void Mage
Get to the reactor deactivation device
Defeat Voidreader: Purple Lightning
Close the extractor
Leave the underground ruins
Talk to Ararikan
Paimon : Phew, we’re almost done.
Paimon : It was a dangerous journey, wasn’t it?
Let’s tell Jazari…
Let’s tell Grandpa Roinjan…
Paimon : By the way, if he knows about the core, then he can help us with funding.
Paimon : #But Paimon doesn’t want to go to the Academy. {NICKNAME} You don’t want to either, do you?
Paimon : While we don’t know what the incarnation of Marana has to do with the Order of the Abyss, we can try to do a good deed and heal the forest.
Ararikan A: Oh, thank you for your help.
Traveler : Not at all, Ararikan.
Paimon : And what are you going to do now?
Ararikan : Ararikan is going to attend the Holiday of Carelessness, but he is very worried about the “sickness” of the forest.
Ararikan : The evil things that made the forest sick may return. Ararikan will guard the forest.
Ararikan : Therefore, after the end of the Carefree Festival, Ararikan will return here.
Traveler : Wow, aranars are so dedicated.
Paimon : If Ararikan needs help, contact us!
Ararikan : Yes, Ararikan knows.
Paimon : Hee hee! Take care! See you soon!

Quest Rewards Book of Prosperity: Descend to the Deva Cave Chapter

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