Domain Guide Fragment of Children’s Dreams Genshin Impact: How to get, enemies, drop


A fragment of children’s dreams is a dungeon in Sumeru Genshin Impact. In this guide, you will learn how to find and unlock the Childish Dream Fragment dungeon, what mobs live in the dungeon, and what materials you can farm in the domain.

Once upon a time it was a piece of paradise, the dream of any forest child, created from their own descriptions.
In their memories, the forest was incredibly vast, like the world itself, and deep, like human destiny. While the size of the world and the true depth of fate are ultimately disappointing, the fantasy of them has survived deep within this nursery.


Release date of the dungeon Fragment of children’s dreams

Fragment of children’s dreams

The Childish Dream Fragment dungeon was made available after the 3.0 update, which took place on August 24, 2022.

Location of the dungeon Fragment of childhood dreams

A Child’s Dream Fragment is a domain located in the Vmshudhi Meadows area of ​​Sumeru.

Video how to get into the dungeon Fragment of children’s dreams:

How to unlock the Fragment of Children’s Dreams domain and open a teleport under water.

Entrance to the domain Fragment of children’s dreams is blocked by water and in order to get to the teleport in the dungeon, you need to change the position of several switches.

You will find the first necessary mechanism during the descent to the entrance to the dungeon, in the place from which the waterfall begins.

The approach to the mechanism is guarded by two ruin mobs, and a fairy flies nearby. Activate the mechanism and the water level will drop.

Next, you need to find another switch. Move into the tunnel, the entrance to which is located right in this location. The path through the tunnel leads down and it is linear, which will not allow you to get lost.

The passage will end with a vast location with a rickety column and a chest visible on the other side of the cliff. Directly behind the column on the right side is another switch. You can activate it only after interacting with four dendro totems.

Switch to Colleito solve the totem puzzle with it.

How to solve the puzzle with the dendro pillars and release the water blocking the entrance to the domain Fragment of Children’s Dreams

The first totem is behind the stone arch if you go forward from the switch:

Activate it and return to the starting point to the sloping column. Now you need to activate the second totem, which is located above. To get to it, you need to be behind a barrier that blocks access to the dendro monument.

Use the fast travel mechanism (bright glowing dot floating above), pull up to it and drop down to the stone ledge on the right. Turn towards the barrier and you will see another fast travel mechanism.

Use it and go up to it. This way you will be above the barrier and now you can jump down to activate the dendro totem and remove the barrier.

It’s time to activate the third totem. Return to the first switch and proceed to the area located behind it:

Here you will find a stone braided with vines. This is a new type of mechanism and it needs to be hit by the dendro with the elements in order for it to activate.

After its activation, mobs will appear and interfere with you, so eliminate them and return to the calm activation of the remaining dendro monuments. A dendrogranum will appear in the roots, which you need to pick up and, during its action, shoot at the third totem, which is located on top. It is covered with stones and a Dendrogranum hit will release the totem. You can go upstairs and activate it with a dendro attack.

The last totem remains. It is also blocked behind a stone structure marked with a geo symbol. Break the barrier by re-taking the Dendrogranum and activate the opened totem.

Now the main switch can be toggled and this will once again lower the water level.

At the bottom there will be a fight with flying ruin mobs. To be honest, these are very stuffy opponents, but only defeating them will give us access to the dungeon.

Go through the ornamented stone door and you will enter a narrow room. Here you need to climb up the columns and walls until you find yourself near a stone staircase leading up. Walk along it to the end and turn left to the cliff. Below is the entrance to the dungeon and the last puzzle.

Near the entrance, we switch to the archer, take the dendrogranum and first shoot at one dendro target hanging over the cliff.

After hitting, another target will appear, which will move diagonally, making it harder to hit. Once you hit her, the dungeon will be unlocked!

Dungeon Farming Rewards Childhood Dream Fragment


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