Domain Guide Under the Shadow of the Umbrella Genshin Impact: How to hit, enemies, drop


Under the shade of an umbrella is a dungeon in Sumeru Genshin Impact. In this guide, you will learn how to find and unlock the dungeon Under the Shade of an Umbrella, what mobs live in the dungeon and what materials can be farmed in the domain.

Poets say that spores, like trees, are related to each other, and that all mushrooms in the world share the same dream. At the end of it, disputes must take the form of all things, and all things must return to their original unity, erasing artificial boundaries.
But in ancient times, evolution never turned mushrooms into intelligent and capable creatures of movement. Be that as it may, this land, for some unknown reason, has become a home for mushrooms.


Dungeon Under the Shade of an Umbrella release date

Under the shade of an umbrella

The dungeon “Under the Umbrella’s Shade” became available after the version 3.0 update, which took place on August 24, 2022.

Location of the dungeon Under the shade of an umbrella

Sun and Rain Coordinates is a domain located in Apam Thicket in Sumeru.

Video how to get into the dungeon Under the shade of an umbrella:

How to unlock the domain Under the shade of an umbrella and solve the puzzle with the Dendro monuments.

Before entering the dungeon Under the shade of an umbrella, you need to solve the puzzle with Dendro monuments.

Upon entering the location representing the entrance to the dungeon, you will find 4 dendro totems located along the perimeter of the stone composition (later the entrance to the dungeon). Nearby there is a dendrogranum.

First, summon the Dendrogranum and break the wall that hides the fifth Dendro Totem. The easiest way is to use an archer, this will greatly facilitate the solution of the riddle:

Now, with all five dendro totems in sight, pay attention to the symbols painted on the ground at the foot of each dendro totem. Looking closely, you can understand that one of the totems will have a symbol that is highlighted brighter than the other four. This is the one you need to activate first!

Activate the pillars in turn, on which the symbols on the ground light up. If you followed the correct sequence, the entrance to the dungeon Under the Shade of the Umbrella will be open!

Dungeon Farming Rewards Sun and Rain Coordinates


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