Dori’s skills and talents Genshin Impact

Description of Dori Genshin Impact, her greeting, general stats, combat talents and passive.

Description of Dori Genshin Impact


“Oh my goodness? Is it really a famous Traveler? I am a traveling merchant, Dori Sangema Bay. Here is a gift in honor of our first meeting – a 10% discount on all my goods, come and choose soon! I’ll help pack everything~”

General characteristics of Dory

  • Name: Dory
  • Rarity: 4★
  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: Two-handed sword

Dory’s fighting talents

• Creates a turret that fires Electro damage. When projectiles hit an enemy, the turret fires two more bullets that travel towards the nearest enemy, dealing additional Electro damage.

  • Map of Sumeru Genshin Impact

• Summons the “Spirit of the Lamp”, which connects with the active character, restoring HP and energy. The link will still deal Electro damage to enemies that touch it.

Passive Talent
• 25% chance to return some character and weapon Ascension Materials during crafting

It is worth noting that in addition to the image of the archon, the following information was leaked to the network:

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