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ATGenshin Impact dormant roots is the fourth quest of an extensive chain peace missions Varuna-gata in Sumeru, in which you will heal the branches and leaves of Varuna’s car in the van and get rid of harmful insects that eat away the roots of the car. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. dormant roots.


How to start the Dormant Roots Genshin Impact quest


Passage of the task Sleeping roots. How to play the Song of the Great Dream opposite the silapna and solve the riddle with the leaves turning towards the branch

Arakunti is now in the Grove of Dreams. It is said to be the entrance to the world of dreams. However, due to the twisting roots of the great tree, it is not so easy to find an aranar or something…

Find Arakunti in the Grove of Dreams
Play the Song of the Great Dream at the designated location to attract the aranar
Speak to Arakunti
Paimon, Arakunti
Paimon : O! We did find you. You must be Arakunti.
Arakunti : Maybe not.
Paimon : BUT? What does it mean?
Arakunti : Maybe I’m a tree, or maybe it’s rain, or a dream of a wana, or a string on a lute.
Paimon : Uh-uh…
Paimon : #Paimon doesn’t understand what he’s saying at all! And you, {NICKNAME}?
#I didn’t understand anything either {F#a}…
I roughly guess.
Paimon : Paimon knows the meaning of each word separately, but the sentence is somehow meaningless.
Arakunti : #{M#Gold}{F#Gold} nara and… flying baby, why are you looking for Arakunti?
Paimon : Paimon is not some kind of “flying baby”! Wait a minute, Paimon is actually flying… No! Paimon’s name is Paimon!
Paimon : #The {M#gold}{F#gold} bunk actually has a name too! {M#His}{F#Her} name is {NICKNAME}!
Paimon : Arapandu told us that you are now in the Dreaming Grove, and sent us to find out what is happening here.
Arakunti : Tell Arapanda that Arakunti is all right. All is well with the Dreamgrove, and so are the wet dreams.
Paimon : #Okay… {NICKNAME}, let’s go back to Arapanda.
Paimon : No! We have come to heal Varuna’s car! Dangerous! We almost got fooled!
Arakunti : Paimon can tell Arapanda that Arakunti doesn’t want to fool anyone.
Traveler : It may well be that Arapandu does not need this information.
Paimon : And Paimon is useless! What’s wrong with this aranara?!
Traveler : Do you remember Arapandu said …
Paimon : Arapandu mentioned that Arakunti is “far from even Aranar”. So he meant to say that Arakunti doesn’t know how to communicate with people?
Traveler : We don’t know how to communicate with aranars.
Paimon : Yes, Paimon didn’t think of that. We must follow local customs. Therefore, it is up to us to learn how to communicate with aranars, right?
Paimon : Paimon thought, how do aranars communicate?
What do you think, flying baby?
So let’s try some metaphors first, shall we?
Paimon : #If the {M#gold}{F#gold} Nara don’t know this, then how would the flying baby know? Let’s better ask about this amazing Arakunti.
Paimon : Arakunti, could you tell us how aranars communicate with each other? We would like to learn too.
Arakunti : Why? Nara from this will not cease to be Nara, Paimon will remain Paimon, and Aranara – Aranara.
Arakunti : Oh, I see, Paimon also wants to become a small seed and hide in the ground?
Paimon : Not! Not at all!
Arakunti : #Then {M#gold}{F#gold} Nara wants to turn into a seed?
Thank you but no.
If there is such an opportunity, then why not?
Arakunti A: The seeds are very good. It’s a pity.
Paimon : We almost forgot why we came. Feast of Utsava!
Paimon : For the sake of the Utsava Festival, we must heal Varuna’s car and bring the weather back to normal. And get rid of terrible disputes!
Arakunti : Paimon is talking. For the Utsava Festival, for the center of the Blue Land.
Arakunti : Wet Dreamgrove is good, but spores are bad. Running mushrooms are also bad. Too much rain, mushrooms are difficult to cook.
Paimon : O! It’s more than clear!
Arakunti : #Let’s heal Varuna’s car. Nara {NICKNAME}, Paimon, follow Arakunti.
Together with Arakunti, find the branches
Arakunti, Paimon
Arakunti A: The roots of a large tree, good. Here you can hear wet breathing, as if someone is humming a quiet song.
Paimon : Oh, Paimon still doesn’t understand what Arakunti is talking about. Well, okay!
Paimon : By the way, there is so much space here, is this the “Labyrinth of Roots”? Paimon does not leave the feeling that the atmosphere here is very different from other places.
Paimon : We need to find sheets here that will redirect the energy to Varuna’s machine?
Arakunti : Both here and not. Paimon can hear him whisper, she can feel his breath and see his arteries, but she can’t find him.
Paimon : BUT? What to do?
Traveler : Paimon can’t be found, but what about me?
Arakunti : #{M#Golden}{F#Golden} Nara, you can see a melody like a cool evening breeze, a sudden rain, a dream like a lake shattered into a thousand pieces.
Traveler : Sounds solid.
Paimon : #Nothing else was expected from you, {NICKNAME}!
Traveler : Hehe.
Paimon : #Hee hee… No! {NICKNAME}, did you {F#steal}{M#steal} Paimon’s line?!
Arakunti : #Nara {NICKNAME}, {M#transformed}{F#transformed} into Paimon… It’s even scarier than dancing with mushrooms in Maran…
Traveler A: I can’t even imagine it.
Paimon : Because this simply can not be! Fortunately, it cannot be…
Paimon : Why can’t Arakunti speak more clearly? Where do we go to find these leaves?!
Arakunti : In the world of dreams.
Paimon : A … Wait a minute! Why couldn’t you start with this?
Arakunti : Because Paimon asked why, not where.
Paimon : O! Paimon seems to have suddenly figured out how to talk to aranars!
Paimon : Arakunti, could you tell us exactly where to look for the three leaves?
Arakunti : Could.
Paimon : Oh, Arakunti really only answers direct questions. Okay, so where exactly are these three places?
Arakunti A: Here, there and there.
Paimon : Arrr … It did not become clearer!
Traveler : Paimon, this is defeat.
Paimon : #Paimon’s defeat is also yours, {NICKNAME}, defeat! Arakunti simply cannot be understood! Where are we to look?
Arakunti : Varuna’s machine was created by the greatest aranara. The connection of its branches and leaves is both visible and invisible.
Arakunti : #When the nara {NICKNAME} can see the aranar and their footprints, {M#he}{F#she} will find the right spot.
Paimon : O! Paimon… Paimon suddenly understood!
Traveler : Is it enough just to follow in the footsteps of the aranar?
Paimon : O! Give Paimon this attempt at an answer!
Play the Song of the Great Dream against the silapna
Arakunti : Wet dreams or dry… Ding-dong, drip-drip, sh-sh – this is the melody of the wana.
Arakunti :
#Nara {NICKNAME}? Look for the leaves in a dream, and the branches are here.
Turn the three “leaves” towards the “branches” in the dream
Play the Song of the Great Dream against the silapna
Speak to Arakunti
Paimon, Arakunti
Paimon : We have returned!
Arakunti : Arakunti heard you. The sobs turned into a soft melody, but to enter the main stream, it will take …
Paimon : Arakunti’s help is needed! Hee hee, Paimon is counting on you!
Arakunti : Arakunti knows.
Paimon A: Shouldn’t be a problem. Paimon hopes that we will heal Varuna’s car as soon as possible, otherwise, as soon as you remember these disputes, it immediately tickles in your nose … Apchi!
Paimon : Paimon just can’t believe the aranars aren’t responding to them. Do spores affect aranar in any way?
Arakunti : Aranars boil mushrooms. So we can not say that disputes do not affect us. The spores are too small. There are too many of them, if you want to catch them all, you won’t catch them.
Arakunti : When Varuna’s car was in order, there were not so many mushrooms in the van. Everything will change for the better after the machine is healed. Everything except Marana.
Traveler A: I have no doubt that it will.
Paimon : #Yes! Paimon and {NICKNAME} will definitely help!
Traveler : We can also figure out how to solve the problem with Marana.
Arakunti : #Nara {NICKNAME} is Varun’s nara?
Paimon : O? Why did you suddenly ask about it?
Arakunti : #Arapandu said that Varuna’s nara {M#was}{F#was} {M#gold}{F#gold} {M#brave}{F#brave} nara. {M#He}{F#She} together with the aranars healed {F#a} Varuna’s car, {M#passed}{F#passed} through black rain and mud. {M#Returned}{F#Returned} with sun and moon.
Arakunti : #Nara {NICKNAME} also helps to heal Varuna’s car. You are a {M#brave}{F#brave} {M#gold}{F#gold} Nara, right?
Paimon : But didn’t the events you mentioned happen very, very many years ago?
Arakunti : #Nara Varuna didn’t {M#returned}{F#returned} to the van? Nara {NICKNAME} – completely {M#different}{F#different} nara?
Arakunti : Can different nars have similar melodies?
Don’t know…
Arakunti : #Arakunti didn’t see Naru Varuna, but Arapandu told a lot about {M#her}{F#him}.
Arakunti : #{M#Her}{F#His} melody is the same as yours. It is worth hearing it, how the heart is filled with joy.
Paimon : #Yes, Paimon is also a lot of fun when {NICKNAME} is around! If suddenly {NICKNAME} ever leaves Paimon, like Varuna’s nara {M#left}{F#left} the thicket…
Paimon : Sob sob…
Arakunti : #Arapandu should be waiting for us at the Recreation Corner. Nara {NICKNAME}, let’s go.
Let’s hit the road.
I have some other things to do.
Paimon : Yes! Let’s go together!

Quest rewards Dormant Roots

  • Adventure Experience x250
  • Primogems x30
  • Mora x30000
  • Hero XP x3

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