Dr. Stone season 3 – release date, schedule for new episodes

Dr. Stone season 3 release date, new episode schedule!

Season 3 announced anime “Doctor Stone” which will premiere in April 2023. Direct sequel to season 2 Dr. Stone Ryusuiit will continue the events of the Fountain of Petrification Saga.

“Stone” age and scientific progress

“Doctor Stone: New World” is a continuation of the animated film, the second part of which was released in March 2021. In the past episodes, the main character named Senku Ishigami woke up and was horrified to find that the world had changed. It turns out that thousands of years ago the population of the planet turned into stone, and all this time it was immobile.

But Senku is not so easily frightened – he decides to restore civilization using the available scientific knowledge. He quickly finds followers who help him create a new world and repeat scientific discoveries made many centuries ago. The team re-creates a mobile phone, establishes electricity, produces fire. What has taken humanity millions of years to achieve the so-called “Scientific Kingdom” recreates much faster.

But the new world that the team forms does not like the “Empire of Power” and Tsukasa Sishio, who leads it. He intends to stop the development of science and prevent humanity from repopulating the planet.

The confrontation between the title characters will continue in the new part of the adventure. Now everyone is just talking about the extension of the Doctor Stone anime for season 3, the release date of which is already scheduled for April 2023. You can find out some details of the latest episodes in a small trailer provided by the creators. According to the plot, he will not orient, but he will show already familiar characters and newcomers. Everything else is unchanged – a bright picture, a dynamic plot, a colorful confrontation between the characters.

Production Dr. Stone

At the moment, the development of the episodes has been completed – the exact release dates for Season 3 episodes will soon appear in our schedule. The series was created for a long time – at the time of the start of the show, exactly two years will pass from the premiere of the second chapter. Although there is nothing to be surprised at – it has become a tradition among the bosses, after all, about the same time passed between the first parts.

As before, the production is handled by TMS Entertainment. Shinya Iino is directing and Yuchiro Kido is producing. Only the composition of the seiyu has changed – Maaya Sakamoto has joined the team. The bosses are making final adjustments, and Dr. Stone, while waiting for the release date of season 3, is looking for new ways to save humanity from re-petrification. Can he find a new path? We’ll find out this spring when the bosses air the episodes..

Dr. Stone season 3 release date

Original name: Dr. Stone
Series number Premier dates
Release date: April 2023
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Genre: Shounen, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Season 3 Episode 1 April 2023
season 3 episode 2 April 2023
season 3 episode 3 April 2023
Season 3 Episode 4 2023
Season 3 Episode 5 2023
Season 3 Episode 6 2023
Season 3 Episode 7 2023
Season 3 Episode 8 2023
Season 3 Episode 9 2023
Season 3 Episode 10 2023
Season 3 Episode 11 2023
Season 3 Episode 12 2023

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