Explanation of dendro reactions Budding, Flowering and Vegetation in Genshin Impact

This guide explains how the new dendro reactions Budding, Flowering and Vegetation work in Genshin Impactwhich appeared in the game with the release of Sumeru.

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Reaction mechanics Budding

The Budding reaction scatters mines. The mine drops from the enemy you closed the reaction on, and explodes on its own after 6 seconds, dealing Dendro damage in an area. There can be no more than 5 minutes on the field at the same time. When you put the sixth, the first explodes.

To cause Budding, you need to combine Dendro and Hydro. For example, Collei launches a boomerang with a cannon and deals Dendro damage to the enemy. The Dendro aura remains on the enemy, it can be seen by the green icon above it. Switch to Barbara and hit that enemy with any Hydro attack. You will see the word “Budding” in green letters, and something that looks like a green physalis will drop from the enemy. This is the mine. It has a name: Dendro-core.

Tignari hit the Hydro-aura of opponents and get dendro-cores
Dendro cores work as follows:

  • If a Pyro is placed on the Dendro Core, it will explode immediately and deal 50% more damage. This is called the Bloom reaction.
  • If Electro is applied to the Dendro Core, it will become a homing missile and fly at the nearest enemy, also dealing 50% more damage, but in a very small radius. This is called the Vegetation reaction.

Bloom and vegetation deal the same damage. The bloom is effective against crowds, as it hits all enemies in the blast radius. Vegetation is effective against a single target that does not want to stand next to the mine. If your pack for Budding contains Pyroand Electro character, you are ready for anything.

Nuances of Vegetation and Flowering

By and large, there are no difficulties with the imposition of Pyro and Electro. Any character with the appropriate element can handle it. But there are nuances:

  • The character must have the maximum amount of Elemental Mastery. The rest of the stats, including the Dendro damage bonus, are not needed. There is no need to upgrade Talents either. Enemies’ Dendro Resistance debuffs are welcome.
  • When Pyro or Electro attacks hit an enemy, they spend the auras needed to create new Dendro Cores. At the same time, for maximum DPS, you need to attack the cores as quickly as possible. Therefore, characters or individual skills are welcome, which have: weak application, no area damage or small damage area, no delays due to cooldown and other reasons.
  • Auto-targeting skills behave differently with Dendro Cores: Bei Dou’s ult does not target Dendro Cores, Oz Fischl only targets when there are no enemies nearby, Lisa’s ult and Yae Miko’s ushka target the same way as on enemies, Goba Xiang Ling turns to Dendro cores.
  • The reaction can be triggered by the enemy himself, if he hits the area with his element or has his own elemental aura.
With the advent of Dendro reactions, stealing auras has reached a new level. Some kind of soup is constantly being created on the battlefield. Or salad, whichever you prefer.

An important point: there is no point in simultaneously activating more than two Dendro cores collected in one place. Each enemy can only take damage from 2 Dendro Cores per 0.5 seconds. This rule defines the rhythmic style of play: create 2 cores, explode, re-create, detonate again, etc.

Explosion of the Dendro Core with or without Bloom deals damage to the active character as well, but 95% less than to enemies. However, for a character built into Elemental Mastery, this can be palpable.

Dendro cores explode not only on character attacks, enemies can do it too. Detonation of Dendro Cores with or without Bloom does not knock enemies and the active character off balance.

Pure Budding

Nothing prevents you from playing with one Budding, because it also deals damage equal to the damage of Overload. In this case, you can limit yourself to 2 elements in a pack and use two resonances. As with Overload, Dendro Core explosion damage is only affected by Elemental Mastery and the level of the character whose attack closes the reaction and creates Dendro Cores. The own damage of such a character will be significantly reduced compared to the assembly in Attack and Crits.

Given that Dendro Cores don’t explode immediately and deal 5% damage to the active character, we can’t necessarily recommend using pure Budding in the same way as Overload and collecting DD into Elemental Mastery. There is an alternative option in which Dendro Cores will deal auxiliary damage. Since DD will not have much Mastery of the Elements, the damage of one core will be small, you will need to take it in quantity.

The gameplay is straightforward: keep the Dendro application from your pocket and hit with Hydro attacks with great frequency so that new Dendro cores are constantly formed and old ones explode. Remember that Dendro cores will not fly out from each attack, but from CD: 3 hits or 2.5 seconds. Dendro-GG and Kollei will do well with the Dendro application, and a character with good damage will be required for the role of Hydro-DD: Ayato, Ye LanXing Qiu.

Traveler can help with Dendro-aura

It is not necessary to build a pack with auxiliary Budding in this way. At a minimum, it is enough to add a Dendro character to a pack with Hydro-DD and deal additional damage with Dendro Cores. Or vice versa, add a pocket Hydro-applicator to Tignari, but this option is less effective, we will explain why below.

Aura consumption when Budding

The consumption of auras during Budding occurs in the same way as in the empowering reactions Vapor and Melt: with a multiplier of 2 or 0.5, depending on the order in which the elements are applied:

  • If the reaction ends with a Hydro Attack, a 0.5 multiplier is applied. Consumption of Dendro-aura is less than half.
  • If the reaction is closed by a Dendro attack, a multiplier of 2 is applied. The cost of the Hydro Aura is double.

That is: Dendro attacks consume a lot of Hydro-aura, and vice versa, Hydro-attacks consume Dendro-aura weakly. Less consumption of aura means more reactions. For example, Xing Qiu almost always knocks out 2 Dendro Cores from an enemy with a Dendro aura with his double dash. This is possible precisely due to the low consumption of the Dendro-aura by the Hydro attack and the absence of a cooldown to trigger Xing Qiu’s reactions.

The same Dendro-aura Tignari gave Mitachurlu Budding from Barbara’s attack and Stimulation from Raven Fischl for surrender

The sequence of application does not affect the damage from the explosion of Dendro Cores in any way. The sequence is only important for determining which character to take damage on: it’s always the one who closes the reaction. But there is no special application sequence multiplier, this is different from Pair and melting.

Since the sequence does not affect the damage, it is definitely more profitable to close the Budding with Hydro-attacks. But note that in Sumeru there are many bodies of water and you can make it rain. When water is poured on the enemy, the increased consumption of Hydro-aura is no longer important.

For Budding, not only the Dendro-aura is suitable, but also the Stimulation from Catalysis status. Stimulation comes from contact. Dendro and Electro-element. As you can see, if Electro-DD hits the enemy when calling Vegetation, there will be no big trouble. If the enemy has Dendro aura then nothing will happen at all, it will simply be spent on Stimulation, from which you can also create a Dendro Core. If the enemy has hydro aurathen it will be spent together with Electro in about 1-2 seconds for the Charged reaction, and while it is being spent, you can even create 2 Dendro Cores at once, if there are enough Hydro and Electro auras: one directly from Hydro, the other from the Stimulation contact With Hydro.

When invoking Blossom with a Pyro attack, you can also hit the enemy. If it has a Hydro aura on it, it’s not so scary. Hydro aura will be spent with a multiplier of 0.5, that is, not so much. But if there is a Dendro aura on the enemy, Burning will begin. This is a parasitic reaction that consumes Dendro Aura very quickly and applies Pyro in a small radius every 2 seconds. At the end of the Dendro aura, the enemy will continue to burn, and with new Dendro attacks, the Burning will only be prolonged. When Burning, you need to neutralize the Pyro aura on the enemy, best of all with a Hydro attack.

Exploding by themselves or from Bloom/Vegetation, Dendro Cores deal Dendro damage in an area. This damage does not apply new auras, does not create reactions.

Ayato watches as Pyro Agent Fatui kindly sets his core on fire.

There is a Freeze trick that allows you to greatly reduce the consumption of Dendro-aura during Budding. Its essence is to greatly weaken the power of applying the Hydro-attack status due to the reaction with the Cryo-aura. This is easier to explain with an example. Dendro and Cryo auras do not create reactions and simply coexist on the enemy. Let’s say the enemy has 0.8E Dendro and Crio. A standard 1E hydro attack will react with Cryo, as Freeze has priority over Budding. The remaining 0.2E of the Hydro will create a Dendro-Core and will be subtracted from the Dendro-Aura with a multiplier of 0.5. 0.7E of the Dendro-Aura will remain, without Freeze, 0.3E would remain.

Damage Formula for Budding, Blooming, Vegetation

Budding, Flowering, and Vegetation damage is calculated using the standard formula for transformative reactions, or second-order reactions:

Reaction Multiplier x Character Level Multiplier x Character Elemental Mastery Multiplier x Enemy Elemental Resistance Multiplier

Attack, elemental Damage bonuses, Crit. damage, Enemy Defense are not in the formula and do not affect damage.

Elemental Mastery and the level of the character who closed the reaction are present in the formula and affect the damage. Resistance (not to be confused with Defense) of enemies is also taken into account in the formula and reduces damage. Resistance to Dendro damage can be reduced by using the full set Passive of Deepwood Memories.

For Flowering and Vegetation, it does not matter who created the Dendro-core and in what sequence. The damage of these reactions depends only on the Mastery of the Elements and the level of the Pyro and Electro of the characters closing the Bloom or Vegetation.

When Dendro Cores explode on their own, the damage is treated with a Reaction Multiplier of 4, as in Overload. For flowering and vegetation The reaction multiplier is 6, the largest among the transform reactions.

The character level multiplier is the same for everyone. The table shows the values ​​of this multiplier for different levels:

Elemental Mastery Multiplier is: 1 + 16 x (MS/(2000 + MS)) + reaction bonus

Reaction Bonus Bloom Gives a full set passive Burning Scarlet Witch. Reaction Bonus vegetation Grants the full set passive Roar of Fury.


We tried to collect in one article everything related to Budding: Flowering and Vegetation in Genshin Impact. We hope that we were able to explain to you how these reactions work. If you have any questions, write in the comments.

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