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Tartaglia (Childe’s spirit form) is the eleventh harbinger of Fatui, going to get her own special banner in the second half of the version Genshin Impact 3.2. Thus, fans of the character who want to roll his banner will need to collect the materials necessary to ascend Tartaglia in order to quickly level him up and add him to their top team roster.

Hence, in this article, we have compiled all the ascendant materials that Travelers need to farm in order to level Childe. This is especially important because Tartaglia is a powerful damage dealer (DPS or damage dealer), and the more the player levels him up, the more damage he will deal on the battlefield.

After Tartaglia appears on the banner today (11/18/2022), crowds of Travelers will go searching for artifacts to increase his DPS potential. That’s why ensuring that the materials of exaltation are collected in advance will help you squeeze all the juice out of the 11 harbinger of Fatui faster.

Tartaglia needs a drop from Oceanid, world boss in Genshin Impact


childe, a character from Li Yue, and has quite a few problematic requirements regarding elevation materials. He is one of the characters who needs the materials that drop after defeating Oceanidwhich will be very difficult for new players to defeat.

Therefore, farming the boss from now on is best done with a friend, which is a wise decision. In any case, it is important to provide all the materials he will need to ascend to level 90 in the first place.

The materials for Tartaglia’s elevation are as follows:

  • Varunada lapis lazuli crystals
  • Cleansing Heart (Boss Oceanid)
  • star shell
  • Chevrons of private, sergeant and officer
  • mora

So with that in mind, it’s time to provide a step by step guide for the rise of Tartaglia at all levels.

Where to find elevation materials for Tartaglia

“Starshell” in Genshin Impact

The interactive map below shows all locations containing Starshells. In general, the shells are concentrated on the eastern sea beaches of Li Yue, but a few can be found on the southern coast of Dragon Ridge.

You can also buy Star Shells from Bo Lai, the owner of the Thousand Little Things in Li Yue Harbor.

“Cleansing Heart” in Genshin Impact

As we wrote earlier, Oceanid is a valuable supplier of resources for Tartaglia. In addition to the Cleansing Heart, the boss drops Varunad crystals, so farming the boss regularly will provide you with the necessary materials like no other in Teyvat.

“Private, Sergeant and Officer Chevrons” in Genshin Impact

Finding and destroying Fatui skirmishers will provide you with chevrons from private to officer! Immediately, we note that they can turn out to be different types of spellcasters: geo, pyro, electro, anemo, cryo or hydro.

These mini-bosses respawn at a certain frequency – most likely every 20 hours. Therefore, in order to effectively farm the drop, we advise you to simply run through all the points indicated on the map above, and then start all over again the next day.

Video guide about farming skirmishers of Fatui

As such, the materials needed to ascend Childe in Genshin Impact are relatively complex. Hence, early preparation is highly recommended, with Cleansing Heart being the item that will take the most time.

The Oceanid boss fight can be very annoying and if players don’t have a good late game archer like Gan Yuit will be problematic to defeat the hydro boss.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, Genshin Impact players are encouraged to push Tartaglia to level 90. He can deal incredible damage, but passing the level 80 Ascension threshold is essential to unlock his full potential.


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