Furious Piece of Iron: Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough


AT Genshin Impact Furious piece of iron is the third quest of an extensive chain peace missions Varuna-gata in Sumeru, in which you will heal the branches and leaves of Varuna’s car in the van and get rid of harmful insects that eat away the roots of the car. In this guide, we reveal the intricacies of completing the task. Furious piece of iron.


How to start the quest Enraged Iron Man Genshin Impact


Passage of the task Furious piece of iron. Where to find the mechanism and how to solve the puzzle with turning the leaves towards the branch

The taciturn Arabalika went to the ruins of Dahri, where there are a lot of huge pieces of iron. Although he owns ararakalari, it is still worth seeing how he is there …

Find Arabalika at Dahri Ruins
Talk to Arabalika
Arabica, Paimon
arabalica : Nara… and something that can fly…?
Paimon : #Exactly! Actually, I’m the flying Paimon, and {M#he}{F#she} is {NICKNAME}.
Paimon : And you must be Arabalika. You are not afraid of us at all.
arabalica : #{M#Golden}{F#Golden} Nara {M#brought}{F#brought} the scent of Arapanda.
Paimon : Um… We are indeed from Arapandu.
arabalica : I feel no malice, but if you want to attack me, then hurry up while this piece of iron is still moving.
Paimon : So that’s what it means to “seize the moment while the aranara is in danger.” Never! Paimon can’t do that!
arabalica : Why not? If Arabalika is your enemy, attacking me from both sides is the best solution. Even while hunting animals, this method is used.
Paimon : Hmm… sounds reasonable.
Traveler : Paimon is completely confused.
Paimon : All in all! We will never take advantage of someone else’s misfortune!
Traveler : Because aranars are our friends.
Paimon : #Yes Yes Yes! Exactly! Because all aranars are our friends! And Paimon and {NICKNAME} don’t do that to friends!
arabalica : Hm.
Paimon : Oh… why does he look very unhappy?
Paimon failed to make a good impression on him.
Maybe that’s how he treats everyone.
Paimon : But Paimon didn’t do anything. Oh, he has such a complex character …
Paimon : Exactly, Arapandu said that Arabalika has a strong ararakalari. It must have been because of this that he had just slain the guardian of the ruins.
arabalica : Does Paimon know about ararakalari?
Paimon : O! Of course Paimon knows! This is a very, very powerful… ability!
arabalica : Hm.
Paimon : Ouch! Paimon fell out of favor again…
Traveler A: Then let’s get down to business.
Paimon : Yes! We have come here to help fix Varuna’s car. Here should be its branches and leaves. But why can’t Paimon see them?
arabalica : What other “branches” and “leaves”! It’s better to say “roots”!
Paimon : BUT? Here’s how? But Arapandu said that…
arabalica : Varuna’s machine receives its energy from the root system spread throughout the van.
Paimon A: Well, yes, it sounds logical …
arabalica : So, the roots are underground.
arabalica : #These stones and pieces of iron do not belong to the aranars. To go down, you first have to deal with the pieces of iron. They are very strong, but the {M#gold}{F#gold} Nara is also {M#strong}{F#strong}.
Paimon : #Yes, of course! {NICKNAME} has already counted {M#lost}{F#lost}, how many of them we came across on our way!
arabalica : O? Arabalika would gladly look at the abilities of the nara.
Paimon : O? How could he have gone so deep? BUT! Had he gone to the guardian of the ruins?
Paimon : #{NICKNAME}, let’s go after him!
Defeat the Guardian of the Ruins
Talk to Arabalika
Arabica, Paimon
arabalica : Pf, and you really know something.
Paimon : He praised us! Hehe!
arabalica : Now we can go underground, let’s hurry.
Paimon : Okay, we’re following you.
Go for Arabalika
Arabica, Paimon
arabalica : We have already dealt with the big piece of iron. It remains to pass the water stream – and you can go down.
arabalica : But so much time has passed, now everything is completely different here. It is quite possible that there will be more pieces of iron underground. Arabica can smell them. It smells bad. Be careful.
arabalica : #Nara {NICKNAME} has the necessary abilities. I’m fine with {M#him}{F#her}, but Paimon is just as weak as Aranakula. Be careful not to be swallowed by mushrooms!
Paimon : Eh, this Arabalika is too strong! We’ve seen different aranar, but none of them could defeat the guardian of the ruins with one blow…
arabalica : Paimon doesn’t know much about aranars. If Aradasha had been here, we would have finished with this piece of iron in no time.
arabalica : Ararakalari Aradashi was once very strong.
Paimon : Once upon a time? Now what?
arabalica : And now Aradashi is no more. So Arabalika has to train twice as hard to strengthen the ararakalari.
Paimon : If only Paimon could learn how to use ararakalari!..
Then I’m counting on you for the next battle, Paimon.
Paimon, you can’t learn this.
Paimon : #Hee hee, Paimon will protect you, {NICKNAME}!
Traveler : You really try!
Paimon : Paimon can do it! You can give Paimon anything!
arabalica : And Paimon is a dreamer. I don’t know if this is good or not. But now we need to find a stone mechanism to drain the water. Otherwise, we won’t be able to get down.
arabalica : Aranara can dig deep into the ground, but not sink into the water.
Paimon : #{NICKNAME}, let’s take a look around.
Find and start the mechanism
Find the branches with Arabica
Talk to Arabalika
Paimon, Arabica
Paimon : It seems … it seems everything is broken and will not come to life? Paimon was scared to death!
Paimon : Pf! So what? Just a few rusty pieces of iron!
arabalica : It’s not safe in the bathroom now. Paimon will pay the price if he doesn’t pay attention.
Paimon : Ouch! Arabica is too strict!
Traveler : You, Paimon, are too careless.
Paimon : Is that how? Then if Paimon speaks as sternly as Arabalika, will she become as strong as him?
Traveler : You should not become stricter to others, but to yourself!
Paimon : Okay, then I’ll start right from tomorrow!
Paimon : Let’s recap. Since the stone branches are here, now you need …
arabalica : Find three stones and turn them this way.
Paimon : He beat Paimon again…
Paimon : By the way, Arabalika’s manner of carrying on a conversation is almost the same as that of Arapandu, it is not at all friendly with metaphors.
However, they are much easier to understand.
Still, it doesn’t look much like an aranar.
Paimon : Yes, when they speak directly, and in fact it is more understandable!
arabalica : Because Arapandu thinks too much, Arabalika thinks very little. Arabalika understands only how to defend.
arabalica : Once upon a time, Arapandu, together with Nara Varuna, protected Vanu. They got through the black mud and repaired Varuna’s car.
arabalica : #It’s been a long time since Varuna’s nara {M#left}{F#left}vanu. {M#he}{F#she} might not be back for the Utsava Festival either.
arabalica : #Arapandu should know this. No one can say how much time has passed, but it is enough for a tree to grow from a seed, whose crown reaches the heavens. Nara, {M#who left}{F#left} the wana, will not return.
arabalica : But Arapandu still wants to heal Varuna’s car once again – for the sake of vana, for the sake of the Utsava Festival, for the sake of Varuna’s nara.
Paimon : That’s how it is…
arabalica : #Arabalika has never seen Nara Varuna, but {F#him}{M#her} is remembered in the van.
arabalica : Arabalika, unlike Arapandu, doesn’t think about so many things. Arabalika only knows that she is strong enough to protect the aranar and the wana.
arabalica : #And although Varuna’s nara is not with us, the aranars will be able to heal {M#her}{F#his} car.
Paimon : Yes! You can count on our help!
arabalica : #There is a strange smell of iron, something is wrong. Nara {NICKNAME}, find out. Arabica will be waiting for you here.
Paimon : It is not clear what Arabalika felt, but in everything related to the forest, aranars understand better than us.
Paimon : #{NICKNAME}, let’s try to find three separate leaves.
Rotate the three “leaves” towards the “branch”
arabalica : The smell of iron is too strong, curse!
Defeat the Ruin Thresher
Talk to Arabalika
Paimon, Arabica
Paimon : Phew! Paimon got scared! It’s good that Arabalika came to the rescue.
arabalica : Arabalika has already spoken. If Paimon doesn’t pay attention, he’ll be in trouble.
Paimon : Wu-u-u … You’re right!
Traveler : Guardians don’t just sleep in the ruins, you know.
Paimon : Yes, the guards protect something from violators. After all, we are strangers to them.
arabalica : #Nara {NICKNAME} and Paimon are strangers in the van, but not Arabalika. The piece of iron is confused.
arabalica : Bad piece of iron. Arabalika will have to make it good.
Paimon : Ha! Paimon will be good!
Traveler : Paimon, I take you at your word.
Paimon A: Needless to say. Let’s start tomorrow… no, right now!
arabalica : #Only aranara can awaken this stone. Nara {NICKNAME}, Paimon, wait, Arabalika will do everything.
Paimon : Oh!
Paimon : Now we are one step closer to healing Varuna’s machine! And after that there won’t be so many disputes in Apam’s thicket. When Paimon remembered, her nose tickled!
arabalica : Varuna’s machine will be able to purify the rain. No more black rain and so many spores.
arabalica : But the mushrooms aren’t going anywhere. Paimon, be careful. Learn from Aranakula’s mistakes, he almost ended up with mushrooms for lunch.
Paimon : Oh, Paimon will be careful!
arabalica : #Here you can do it without me, I’m going back to the Recreation Corner and look for Arapanda. Nara {NICKNAME}, Paimon, would you like to come back with Arabalika?
Yes, let’s go together.
We still have other things to do.
arabalica : Yes, it’s not safe in the bathroom. It’s better to travel together.

Rewards for the quest Enraged Iron Man

  • Adventure Experience x350
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x30000
  • Hero XP x3
  • Arcane Enhancement Ore x4

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