gameplay, design and animation of the elemental explosion

Internet is flooded with leaks Genshin Impact 3.0. The community already has leaked footage of Tignari, Colley and Dori in their hands. Now, leaks have revealed details about Neilow.

Leaked information about Neelow includes:

  • Elemental explosion animation
  • Elemental Skill Animation

The leaked footage of Nilou isn’t as detailed as the information currently available on the rest of Sumeru’s characters, but this article will gather everything we know about the enigmatic beauty. Leaked footage has a high chance of getting a copyright strike, so readers can see it while the footage is available.

Genshin Impact 3.0: Neelow’s Attack and Elemental Explosion Animation Frame Drain

This is the leaked footage of Nilow activating his elemental explosion, which has a nice animation. At the end of the animation, the water around Neelow takes the form of a lotus blossom.

Nothing much can be said about the elemental explosion other than that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Hydro characters are pretty well known for their great animations, and Neelow doesn’t disappoint in that aspect.

New footage shows Neilow performing regular or hydro-infusion attacks. This may be her elemental skill, but it’s still too early to tell anything based on the leaked video.

Neelow isn’t scheduled to release until 3.1 or 3.2, so the Genshin Impact community has plenty of time to figure out her kit.

As you can see from this clip, players can clearly see Neelow using a sword. If you look closely, you can see the sword in the explosion animation, where it hangs behind her.

Everything we know about Neelaw from the Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks

A recently leaked photo shows the in-game models of many of the upcoming characters following Sumeru’s 3.0 update. Nilou can be seen standing in the middle next to the male character (Su).

You can see that Neelow is a teenage female character with long red hair. She can be seen wearing an elegant and sophisticated dress with a white and ocean blue design along with golden accessories. She also has horns that are similar to Ajdaha, but in a different color.

Nilou also appears to have a crown accessory attached to her veil.

Despite being from Sumeru, which was considered to be made up of a large number of tanned characters, Nilou has a pale complexion. Earlier leaks have also revealed that Neelow will be a dancer by trade and has some sort of healing in her set.

However, the source of the leaks clarified that Neilow is not going to be a healer like Genie or Bennett in Genshin Impact.

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