Genshin Impact 2.8 – 3.2 Banner Schedule

Information about banners has become known Genshin Impact, which will appear in future updates of the game, starting from version 2.8 and ending with 3.2. Naturally, everything is based on rumors, so the order and composition of the characters may change, but for now, leaks talk about the following schedule:

Update 2.8 – Golden Apple Archipelago

  • 5★ Kazuha + 5★ Klee + 4★ Heizo
  • 5★ Yoimiya

This is the exact order and combination of characters for the next version of the game.

Update 3.0 – Sumeru Release

  • 5★ Tighnari + 4★ Dory + 4★ Collei
  • 5★ Gan Yu + 5★ Zhong Li

Order and combination unknown, reruns may change

Update 3.1 – Genshin Impact Anniversary

  • 5★ Saino + 5★ Neelow
  • could be an “early” release by Kusanali
  • maybe 5★ Al-Haytham

Order and combination unknown

Update 3.2 – “? ? ?

  • 5★ Scaramouche
  • 5★ Kusanali

Order and combination unknown.

This is preliminary data and may change as the game develops. The schedule is for reference only, so treat it with a grain of salt.

Earlier, we wrote about all the currently known characters that may appear in Genshin Impact in the near and distant future. There are more than 20 of them and you can check it out list here.

We will update this post with new data as soon as it becomes available.

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