Genshin Impact 2.8 Character Popularity Ratings

In Genshin Impact, you can make almost every character viable with enough investment, but which of the characters are the most popular? We have researched the issue and compiled a list of the highest Genshin Impact character selection rates among players as of Update 2.8.

Genshin Impact can be quite forgiving in how you can build just about any character you have. With enough investment in talents and levels, you can create your dream of your favorite units without too many restrictions.

Of course, some of them will be stronger and have a better rating than others, as seen in our tier list, but how you play Genshin Impact is up to you.

Despite this, some characters in the game much more popular than others. We have a list of the most popular as of update 2.8, with some interesting picks topping the data-driven Genshin Impact pick rate charts twisted abyss.

Information as of July 15, 2022 with new meta peak statistics.

Surprisingly, Kazuha is the most popular character in Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact Picks: Most Popular Characters in the Twisted Abyss

There are no surprises here, but many of the game’s five-star characters are the most popular – especially for clearing the floors of the Twisted Abyss. For those who have the luxury of using every banner, you can have the best Genshin Impact rosters to date.

Kazuha is the most popular with selection rate 95.7%according to Spiral Abyss Analytics statisticsbased on data from over 5,000 players. Bennett (92.0%), Zhong Li (91.0%), venti (86.2%) and Kokomi (83.6%) are also in the top five.

Genshin Impact Character Pick Popularity List in Update 2.8

A complete list of each Genshin Impact character and their pick rates can be found below:

#one Kazuha Anemo 95.7%
#2 Bennett Pyro 92.0%
#3 Zhong Li Geo 91.0%
#four venti Anemo 86.2%
#5 Kokomi Hydro 83.6%
#6 Shogun Raiden Electro 82.0%
#7 Ye Lan Hydro 81.6%
#eight Xin Qiu Hydro 80.9%
#9 Ayaka Cryo 79.6%
#ten Xiang Ling Pyro 76.1%
#eleven Hu Tao Pyro 73.5%
#12 Albedo Geo 69.5%
#13 Gan Yu Cryo 68.6%
#fourteen Shen He Cryo 66.2%
#fifteen eymia Pyro 62.7%
#16 Ayato Cryo 61.1%
#17 Arataki Itto Geo 59.5%
#eighteen Yae Miko Electro 50.8%
#19 Dione Cryo 48.1%
#twenty sucrose Anemo 44.1%
#21 Mona Hydro 41.9%
#22 Xiao Anemo 38.1%
#23 eola Cryo 31.6%
#24 Child Hydro 30.8%
#25 Goro Geo 25.8%
#26 Fischl Electro 25.1%
#27 Genie Anemo 24.7%
#28 Rosary Cryo 23.5%
#29 Klee Pyro 18.9%
#thirty Yun Jin Geo 16.1%
#31 Bay Doe Electro 13.5%
#32 Sarah Electro 11.8%
#33 Dilyuk Pyro 8.6%
#34 Yan Fei Pyro 7.2%
#35 Chun Yun Cryo 6.9%
#36 Ning Guang Geo 6.5%
#37 Noelle Geo 6.0%
#38 Tom Pyro 6.0%
#39 Keya Cryo 5.2%
#40 qi qi Cryo 4.7%
#41 Ke Qing Electro 4.7%
#42 Traveler Anemo 3.6%
#43 Barbara Hydro 3.3%
#44 Sayu Anemo 2.4%
#45 Xin Yan Pyro 1.3%
#46 Lisa Electro 1.0%
#47 Amber Pyro 1.0%
#48 Razor Electro 1.0%
#49 Eloy Cryo 0.3%

As mentioned above, this selection rate data is based on the Twisted Abyss, so this determines the strong meta peaks that people use to clear high-level floors. It’s also a relatively small sample size – since while it has over 5,000 members, Genshin Impact has millions of active players.

Still, it’s a good indicator of the game’s meta. Choice bids also show who is popular, and possibly who you should look out for in upcoming banners (like replays).

We’ll be updating this with every new update, so keep an eye out as one of your favorites could soon become the top choice.

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