Genshin Impact 3.2 Live Stream: Date, Time, Details

fans Genshin Impact look forward to Broadcast 3.2 where HoYoverse officials will reveal exciting upcoming content. Although the developers have not yet made any announcements regarding Special Program 3.2, players can expect the live stream to premiere between October 21st and 23rd, 2022.

Most live streams have something in common, and the estimated date above was chosen based on those factors. Here is a summary of it:

  • Most specials premiere on Friday
  • Such broadcasts usually take place 10-12 days before a new patch is updated.

Given these factors, October 21, 2022 is the most likely date for Genshin Impact’s 3.2 live stream.

Genshin Impact: Live Time 3.2

Genshin Impact is currently entering the second phase of the 3.1 update. With the current update running on five week schedulethe developers will introduce livestream 3.2 sooner than players think.

Although the official guys from HoYoverse have not yet made any announcements about the Special Program, calculated predictions can be made based on the pattern set by previous live broadcasts. Given that Update 3.2 is scheduled to be released on November 2, 2022, and the two factors mentioned earlier, we can expect a live stream of Update 3.2 on October 21, 2022 at 08:00 AM (UTC-4).

Where to watch live stream 3.2

Players can watch the upcoming Special Program 3.2 on various platforms such as:

The live stream will first be streamed on the official Twitch channel before being re-streamed on the official YouTube channel in about four hours. Therefore, players can watch the 3.2 live stream at 8:00 AM (UTC-4) on Twitch or 12:00 AM (UTC-4) on YouTube.

What to expect from patch 3.2 update

The Genshin Impact community is looking forward to the 3.2 patch update for a variety of reasons. Here’s a rundown of the content coming in the upcoming update, as per the latest leaks:

  • New Sumeru characters – Nahida (5 stars) and layla (4 stars)
  • Potential character reruns – Emiya, Childe, and Yae Miko
  • New boss – Dendro Hypostasis
  • New Archon Quests, Story Quests and Encounters
  • New limited time events
  • New realm for Serenity Kettle – Sumeru Themed

The latest leaks have also confirmed that Nahida and Layla will debut in the first half of the new patch. She is a 5-star dendro catalyzer and also amassed a pretty solid fan base prior to her debut. Fans who have stockpiled primogems for her should also consider pre-farming resources for her ascension and talent level.

Newbies will also get the chance to summon old characters from re-banners, as well as new limited-time events with beautiful rewards. Needless to say, gamers are looking forward to the patch. Hopefully the Genshin Impact 3.2 update lives up to the hype currently surrounding it.

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