Genshin Impact Cinematographer’s Journal – How to Start and Complete the World Quest

The Cinematographer’s Journal is a Genshin Impact world quest that was added to the game in version 2.8. The quest takes place in Inazuma and during its execution you have to find Xavier. In this guide, we analyze in detail all the stages of completing the task.

“Xavier seems to be busy filming a new movie”

Description in the game.

How to start the Filmmaker’s Journal quest

As we wrote earlier, the task Journal of the Cinematographer is taken in Inazume at the Kamisato Estate.

Location of Furuta within Inazuma

Need to find NPC Furuta and talk to her. After obtaining information about the film, you will receive the first task of the quest chain Cinematographer’s Journal – “Noisy Aliens“.

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Noisy Aliens Genshin Impact – How to find Xavier and complete the shoot: “Act I: Scene II”

After receiving the task, the quest marker will lead you to the coast of Inazuma, where the film crew consisting of Sosano, Koharu and Xavier is located.

Filming location in Inazuma
quest marker leads to the coast

Listen to a conversation about how it’s been the eleventh take in a row that you can’t shoot a certain scene. The traveler is taken to help and you need to remember the lines foreignerwhich are spoken at a certain point in the script.

script 1 act 2 scenes

There are only 3 of them:

  1. How could this happen?
  2. But it won’t break me.
  3. Don’t underestimate my fighting spirit!

When shooting, use exactly these cues in the specified sequence.

Then the real action begins! You need to make a movie while fighting mobs and freeing people.

filming frame of Xavier

There will be 5 bandits and 2 prisoners in total. The area captured by the camera will appear on your screen. You need to move to the right, clearing the battlefield of enemies in order to save the captives.

Once you do this, a cutscene will play. The cast will leave Xavier, leaving the film unfinished. The director will also leave the set.

Head to the Phantom Arbor Restaurant

To find Xavier visit the restaurant “ghost gazebo”, which is located in Inazuma. The character will sit at the bar and he is very drunk. A great inventor complains that he has no talent.

ghost gazebo restaurant location on inazuma map

Xavier decides to treat the Traveler to dinner, giving him the right to choose any dish.

After the meal, the owner of the restaurant Okazaki Rikuto asks to talk about the film and highly appreciates the actions of the Outlander, but still decides to tell the story about the samurai Seishimaru, which he was once told. The plot of the story about how friends are looking for each other in the war and it will inspire anew Xavier.

After leaving the restaurant, Xavier will run away to rewrite the script and the first part of the quest Noisy Aliens will be completed. You will receive the following rewards:

Adventure Experience x 200
Source Stone x 30
Mora x 20000
Hero XP x 2

Musyonin – How to find actors and shoot a film

After hearing the legend of Seishimaru, Xavier seems to have come up with something new…

Description in the game.

The second stage of the task Cinematographer’s Journal is the Musyonin quest. You will be instructed to speak to 2 actors.

Return to Narukami Island’s Kamisato Manor and speak with Koharu, then travel to Rito Island to speak with Sasano.

location of NPS Koharu
location of Sasano PS in Rito

After meeting with the actors, make an appointment with them at the Tea House “Komore“, from 18:00 to 20:00.

Genshin Impact Cinematographer's Journal - How to Start and Complete the World Quest

Enter the restaurant and proceed to the far left room, where the film crew is located, to discuss the details of the first scene.

After the conversation, you can familiarize yourself with the scenario in more detail – it is located in the inventory in the “Tasks“. Once you’re ready, contact Xavier.

Genshin Impact Cinematographer's Journal - How to Start and Complete the World Quest

Shoot the first scene

Please note that all correct answers are at the very top of the list. Below are the choices to be made in chronological order:

  1. “Revenge has not yet been committed, how can everything subside?”
  2. “Hey, who’s listening in there? Well, come here.”
  3. “Why, it’s not your foster parents who are dead.”
  4. Point left.

Having said all the lines, rewind time to the evening with 18:00 to 20:00 and go to coast of Nazuchi to the nearest teleportation point. Defeat Kairagi and Nobushi, who will try to attack.

kairagi and nobushi

Defeat the bandits to convince them to play the role of extras in the next scene.

Shoot the second scene

Scene with Kairagi and Nobushi

The second scene will require defeating Kairagi and Nobushi. At this point, do not leave the camera’s shooting area and change position 3 times.

Shooting time is limited. Total given 2 minutes to complete the task.

Wait for the evening of the next day (18:00 – 20:00)

Time conversion menu

It remains to complete the last scene. Change the time to 18:00-20:00 and go to the appointed place – to a small island on the east side of Narukami.

Specified point

It is most convenient to soar there from a cliff at the edge of the city. When you arrive, start filming the third scene.

The last scene combines both the choice of answers and the battle. Correct replies:

  1. “So it’s no more…”
  2. “Sorry I…”.
  3. “Once upon a time I said the same words.”
  4. “Machiko, I really like you.”
Conditions of the third scene

During the battle, you should be careful and watch the borders, as the enemy constantly moves back, which can cause you to leave the shooting area. There is a lot of time, so just attack carefully.

Final take – Jump off a cliff. The character will do this automatically off-screen, ending the dialogue with the last sentence.

Join the rest

At the end, you need to climb back, but teleporting to the city is optional. Go around the rock and use Electrogranumto soar upward.

After the dialogue, Xavier thanks everyone for filming and hints at an early meeting. This completes the quest. The reward will be:

Adventure Experience x 300
Source Stone x 40
Mora x 20000
Hero XP x 3
Arcane Enhancement Ore x 3

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