Genshin Impact Final Treasure – where to get the treasure and complete the quest

The Last Treasure is a Genshin Impact quest in which you need to get the treasure using Meatball’s Wavewalker. Our guide will guide you through all the stages of the task and help you get all the rewards for completing it.

Note: The quest takes place on the islands Golden Apple Archipelago and will no longer be available after the end of the version Genshin Impact 2.8. Based on this, remember that all the tasks that you find in the Archipelago must be completed as soon as possible and you have about 40 days for everything about everything.

Where to get the world quest The Last Treasure and what are the requirements to access it

Looks like Meatball has an errand for you. Talk to him for more details…

If you were on Archipelago of the golden applethen the only requirement to receive the world quest is sea ​​treasures is to search for the Meatball Wavewalker and talk to him.

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How to claim the treasure and complete the Genshin Impact world quest The Last Treasure.

Talk to Meatball

  • Meatball: Oh, you’ve come! And I thought you were too busy flitting from island to island with those strange wings…
  • Meatball: And that you completely forgot your old friend Meatball, leaving him to soak in sea water.
  • Paimon: Well, we’ve come, haven’t we?
  • Paimon: Yes, you said you needed our help. What are we talking about?
  • Meatball: Well, actually, nothing like that … Last time you helped me find fragments of my body, remember?
  • Meatball: I don’t know how to say it, but … Maybe because some of my desires were fulfilled, or because the effect of these waters, which gave me the opportunity to speak, is gradually ceasing …
  • Meatball: But lately I have been awake very little, and I sleep more and more

Is it something to do with this device?

Did the device affect Meatball as well?

Take away the treasure

Return to Kosekimaru

Climb aboard Meatballs

Go where the treasure is

Get through the storm

Talk to Kosekimaru

  • Paimon: How dangerous! It seemed to Paimon that just a little more, and we would drown!
  • Paimon: Kosekimaru, you’re amazing!
  • Meatball: Haha, a ship, even if it’s talking, is still just a ship. Thank {NICKNAME} and {his} sailing prowess for making it through this storm.

Do you want to repeat?

Thanks for the compliment.

Take away the treasure

Return to Kosekimaru

  • Paimon: Kosekimaru! Kosekimaru!
  • Paimon: We found a treasure! Look, this is a model of a pirate ship. Your flair for the first time did not let you down!
  • Paimon: By the way, you said that as soon as we return, you will tell us something else.
  • Meatball:…
  • Paimon: Kosekimaru!
  • Meatball: (The ship named Kosekimaru doesn’t answer…)

Paimon… Kosekimaru doesn’t talk anymore…


Adventure Experience x 200
Source Stone x 30
Mora x 20000
Hero XP x 2

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