Genshin Impact Gang of 30 Recruitment – How to Unlock Reputation in Sumeru

The quest “Recruitment for the Brigade of Thirty” is a short quest that opens immediately after completing the Archon’s “A Hundred Fresh Roses Morning Brings” quests. After passing it, tasks and orders become available to increase your reputation in Sumeru. Let’s figure out how to take the “Recruitment for the Brigade of 30” quest in Genshin Impact and how to complete it.


How to get the task “Recruitment for the Brigade of 30”

You do not need to take the quest “Recruitment for the Brigade of Thirty”: it automatically appears in your list of tasks. To do this, you only need to complete the task of the Archons “One hundred fresh roses brings the morning“. In addition, you must reach the 35th Adventure Rank, but if you went through the Sumeru storyline, then you definitely got to this rank.

How to pass the quest “Recruitment to the Brigade of Thirty”

First of all, we go to Effendi. It stands in the center of Sumeru. There is a teleport nearby (in the screenshot below it is marked with a blue arrow).

Effendi himself can already be seen from the teleport: stand on the edge of the platform and look down to see the inscription.

Jump down and approach him. He will start a conversation with you. Talk to Effendi. The duration of the conversation depends on your choice. If you say “OK”, the conversation will go faster.

As soon as you complete the dialogue with Effendi, the task “Recruitment for the Brigade of 30” will be completed. You will be rewarded for it!

Rewards for the task “Recruitment for the Brigade of 30”

For completing the task, you get a small reward and a serious bonus. Let’s list everything that the Effendi character gives out to those who have completed the quest “Recruitment to the Brigade of Thirty”:

  • 20,000 mora;
  • 2 Hero experience;
  • access to pumping the reputation of Sumeru.

Now you know how to start and complete the Recruitment for the Brigade of 30 quest by unlocking reputation in Sumeru. Do not put off the task: it is small, but very important, because it allows you to access the orders and requests of residents, and there are only 3 of them every week.

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