Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal All 11 Harbingers Of Fatui Names Before Sumeru Update

Several new leaks Genshin Impact surfaced on July 8 regarding the 11 Harbingers of Fatui. Players already know most of their names, but some new aliases have appeared alongside Child’s leaked voice lines.

11 names of the Harbingers of Fatui:

Number Name Title Item(s) Status
one Pedrolino Jester unknown Active
5 Pulcinella ??? unknown Active
6 Scaramuccia Narrator unknown Renegade
eight Signora Wonderful lady Pyro (Scarlet Witch)
Crio (Eye of Corruption)
9 Pantalone Rich unknown Active
eleven Tartaglia childe Hydro (Eye of God)
Electro (Eye of Corruption)
? Harlequin Servant unknown Active
? Dottore Doctor unknown Active
? Capitano Captain unknown Active
? Sandrone Puppet unknown Active
? columbine ??? unknown unknown

The names should not come as a surprise to players, as all but Columbine have been mentioned in one capacity or another before. Hence, it’s worth taking a look at the new leaks regarding these largely enigmatic characters.

Genshin Impact Leaks Offer New Information About 11 Harbingers Of Fatui

There was one unconfirmed leak that spoke of the aliases of the 11 Fatui harbingers, and it appears to have now been confirmed as legitimate, as evidenced by the aforementioned tweet. Travelers will presumably hear more about this in Genshn Impact 2.8, though no further details are available on that front. At the very least, there is another leak offering more information on the characters mentioned below.

The eight harbingers of Fatui mentioned in the aforementioned tweet haven’t seen as much screen time compared to Tartaglia, Scaramuccia and Signora. Genshin Impact players are less likely to know who they are, so that’s partly why these aliases are relevant, especially since some old leaks have referred to them. Keep in mind that some of these aliases were already known before this leak.

As such, the new Genshin Impact leaks reveal a total of six new aliases.

Child’s new voice lines refer to them

A well-known UBatcha whistleblower posted a series of tweets on July 8 that purportedly are Child’s voice lines. The compilation above includes his quotes on the remaining ten harbingers of Fatui in Genshin Impact. These voiceovers are not currently available in the live version of the game and there are no leaked videos yet.

Here is a brief summary of all ten quotes:

  • Balladeer: Child doesn’t mind traveling all over the world to find him.
  • The Jester: Child claims how important he is.
  • The Captain: Child talks about how strong the Captain is.
  • The Doctor: Child mentions how the Doctor made prosthetics out of himself.
  • Damselette: Child states that Harbingers are ranked based on strength, and that Dumselette is ranked 3rd.
  • The Knave: Child talks about how crazy and treacherous The Knave is.
  • The Rooster: Child discusses how kind Rooster is to his family.
  • Marionette: Child mentions that Puppet is actively doing his research.
  • Regrator: Child discusses how ambitious Regrator is.
  • The Fair Lady: Childe refers to Signora’s death.

Given that not much is known about some of these characters, these leaks provide quite a bit of information about them.

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