Genshin Impact Melody Weaves – how to get and what the item does


Subject Music of Nature: Interweaving Melodies can be placed in the outside of the Serenity Kettle (in the house), and then using the menu to select a melody that will play in the background in the Kettle while you are indoors.

Please note that for Listening and Installation respond to different buttons.


An elegant piece of decor made of flawless white porcelain. Its design was based on the ancient musical instrument Li Yue. When looking at it, it seems as if it has absorbed thousands of natural sounds. He can produce beautiful melodies that recreate even the most subtle note, and his sounds are carried, reaching the farthest corners of the Kettle of Serenity. Long before the War of the Archons, music became an integral part of people’s lives: they sang cheerful songs during hard work, sang melodies at important ceremonies and hymns before battle. Some Adepts recorded these Li Yue-famous songs to enjoy in their retreats. There were also kind foreign guests who brought the melodies of their peoples, so that the music of mortals would delight the ears of the Adepts in their solitude.

You can add more melodies by getting special items – Radiant Crystals. They can, for example, be bought from the Wandering Spirit in the Teapot.

Where to buy Nature’s Music: Melodies Weaving

Material Music of Nature: Weave of Melodies can be purchased from Merchant Fluffy


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