Genshin Impact Sea Treasures – where to find the shipwreck and complete the quest

Treasures of the Sea is a quest in the world of Genshin Impact in which you need to find the wreckage of the Meatball ship in the Golden Apple Archipelago and take some pictures. Our guide will guide you through all the stages of the task and help you get all the rewards for completing it.

Note: The quest takes place on the islands Golden Apple Archipelago and will no longer be available after the end of the version Genshin Impact 2.8. Based on this, remember that all the tasks that you find in the Archipelago must be completed as soon as possible and you have about 40 days for everything about everything.

Where to get the Sea Treasures world quest and what are the requirements to access it

Wavewalker “Meatball”, who calls himself a great pirate ship, wants to discuss something …

If you were on Archipelago of the golden applethen the only requirement to receive the world quest is sea ​​treasures is to search for the Meatball Wavewalker and talk to him.

Where to find the Meatball Wreckage and complete the Sea Treasures Genshin Impact world quest.

Talk to Meatball

  • Meatball: Oh, you’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for so long that even the deck began to be covered with shells.
  • Meatball: But does this ship… have a deck at all? Yes, it’s more like a skiff, ha ha.
  • Meatball: Who would have thought that I, such a great pirate ship under the command of Ako Domeki, would reach such a state…
  • Paimon: So you’re a pirate ship? And who is he, this Ako Domeki?
  • Meatball: Don’t you know Ako Domeki?!

Head to the place indicated by Meatball

Explore the wreck

  • Paimon: Meatball was talking about this place? .. But there is nothing here, only a fragment of the ship.
  • Paimon: Meatball wouldn’t lie to us… {NICKNAME}, let’s go back and ask him about everything!

Locate a piece of Meatball on a nearby beach

Talk to Meatball

  • Meatball: Well, did you find anything of value?
  • Paimon: Oh, Meatball!

Head to the place indicated by Meatball

  • Paimon: What a surprise! Here, too, there is nothing but an old ship. Or rather, half of it.
  • Paimon: And no treasures! Hmm, twice now Meatball has led us to the wreckage. Maybe… these are parts of his old hull!?

Maybe there is some connection between him and the ship… Maybe.

Take pictures of the wreck

  • Start shooting
  • Start shooting: Mark a place with a photo

Talk to Meatball

  • Paimon: Meatball!
  • Meatball: You’re back! Well? Did you find anything good? Let me guess…
  • Meatball: Oh, nothing again, right? .. Eh … I again fired a blank?
  • Paimon: The same as that time – only a fragment of the ship.
  • Paimon: But what if it’s part of your body? We took a photo. Here, look!

(Show a photo of the wreckage…)

Head to the place indicated by Meatball

Explore the reef on the surface of the sea

  • Meatball: Well, how did you find it?
  • Meatball: Surely the find delighted you with the flair of the great pirate ship, huh?
  • Paimon: There was only one bird’s nest…
  • Paimon: Technically, of course, there were a couple of eggs inside … But that’s it.
  • Meatball: BUT? T-only two eggs?..
  • Paimon: Yeah, those “jewels” you were talking about!
  • Meatball: Hmmm! You probably don’t know, Paimon, but the bigger the pirate ship, the more time it spends at sea. Sometimes there is nothing edible left on board, except for dried fish …
  • Meatball: At such times, bird eggs, accidentally found on a nearby reef, become an invaluable treasure for the team.
  • Paimon: Meatball…

You can’t lie at all.

Don’t talk nonsense.

Head to the place indicated by Meatball

Locate a piece of Meatball on a nearby beach

  • Paimon: As expected, no treasure…

No problem.

You can’t think only about treasures all the time …

Head to the place indicated by Meatball

Find a piece of Meatball

  • Paimon: There’s a mountain of boards in this shell house! But none of them look like what we’re looking for…
  • Paimon: Maybe over there, on the stone?!
  • Paimon: What is it? Some kind of slats nailed to two boards. And wooden mallets…

It must be a musical instrument…

I think you need to knock with a hammer on wooden slats.

Talk to Meatball

  • Meatball: You’re back. Well, did you find anything?

(show xylophone)


Adventure Experience x 250
Source Stone x 30
Mora x 30000
Hero XP x 3

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