Geo Neko new design and release date

No official images have been released or leaked related to the upcoming Catgirl character from Genshin Impact 3.7, but there is some unofficial information about her. Therefore, the cover image simply uses the design for this entity, compiled from the accumulated information. The same person also stated:

“The overall silhouette is very close to her design.”

What all travelers need to understand about this new character is that the color palettes and fanart rumors are supposedly accurate. The source that evaluates such community-created creations is SYP (SpendYourPrimos), who has done the same in the past regarding leaks of old characters. Hence, a look at the fanart is a good way to appreciate the overall design of the upcoming Geo Nekomata.

Genshin Impact 3.7 Geo Character Leak

This article’s cover photo uses fanart from @koohiirin, who originally posted it in the tweet shown above. More importantly, the insider, SYP, mentions the color scheme along with the description.

Important things to note from the tweet above and other leaks made by SYP include:

  • She is pale and has green eyes.
  • She has blonde hair that can reach her waist.
  • Her top is inazuma style and is brown with a yellow bell omamori knot.
  • She also has sleeves separated from her top.
  • This heroine also has a teal and a bluish skirt with shorts.
  • Her midriff is naked.
  • The ears are fake and made of brown fabric with floral patterns.
  • She actually has human ears.
  • Her hair is in a half ponytail with an ahoge.
  • She has gray shoes on her feet.

These notes help inspire people to create fanart that SYP will eventually appreciate. An example can be shown below.

The above fanart received an 8/10 rating, which is pretty good. Any flaws in the design of this Genshin Impact 3.7 character have been flagged by SYP. Apparently the following attributes are very accurate:

  • crop top
  • Hair
  • Ears
  • Gaiters
  • Gloves

It is worth noting that this entity is simply called Geo Catgirl or sometimes Geo Neko. No known name for her has yet been revealed to the public.

Other notable Genshin Impact 3.7 leaks about this character

The following information is allegedly known about Geo Catgirl:

  • She will be in Genshin Impact 3.7
  • She is from Inazuma
  • She has a connection to Asase Shrine
  • The blond character shown above resembles Geo Neko.

Team China leaks also cooperate with some SYP points such as her tail and ahoge. There is currently no reliable information about her gameplay, weapons, or rarity.

Potential release date

Current rumors suggest that Geo Catgirl is playable in Genshin Impact 3.7. At the time of writing, the banner phase of this update is unknown. So she could have two potential release dates, depending on which half of her shows:

  • First time: Somewhere around May 24, 2023
  • Second half: Somewhere around June 14, 2023

The above dates assume that version 3.5 starts on March 1st and lasts for 42 days, while version 3.6 starts on April 12th and also lasts for 42 days. Please note that the exact number of days these updates will be kept is not known.

So the above release dates are estimates assuming that Geo Catgirl is released in Genshin Impact 3.7 and that HoYoverse is not changing the current schedule.

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