Greening Day 3. Shots 5 and 6 of Genshin Impact

Showing you how to take two shots on Day 3 of the World Beyond Canvas: Greening Genshin Impact event.

The World Beyond the Canvas: Landscaping event has moved into its second phase and we have two more snapshots to take if you don’t want to miss out on all of the event rewards.

For directions to take pictures of the two landmarks, talk to Asagiri, who is looking for inspiration for her sketches. The girl, as usual, stands in Inazuma.

After talking with her and equipping your camera from inventory, you can go to complete tasks.

How to take pictures on Day 3 of World Beyond the Canvas: Greening Genshin Impact

Rock Eater: Cloud Eater

Photo Purpose:

  • Capture the Dragonspine
    • Camera covers 1 point
    • The picture must be a character
    • Must use a character from Li Yue
    • Character performs a normal attack

Having studied the conditions, we set off to take the fifth shot, taking with us a character from Li Yue, because this corresponds to the conditions of the task.

The characters from Li Yue are as follows: Zhong Li, Ning Guang, Xiao, Xing Qiu, Gan Yu, Yan Fei, Ke Qing, Xin Yan, Qi Qi, Yun Jin, Shen He, Bei Dou, Ye Lan, Xiang Ling, Hu Tao and Chun Yun

Fix the shooting direction as follows, like the screenshot below:

When the camera is fixed, it remains to carry out a normal attack and capture the picture.

I beg! Those are mushrooms!

Photo Purpose:

  • Capture the Tinju Forest
    • Camera covers 1 point
    • The picture must be a character
    • The character is using a one-handed weapon.
    • The character uses an elemental skill

Now we are going to take the sixth shot, taking with us a character with a bow.

We fix the camera angle and take a picture. Remember that the character must be a swordsman and must use an elemental skill at the time of the picture! This means that you have to press the E button on the PC..

After taking the second shot, take the rewards, and these are 30 primogems for each, not counting the pestilence and the hero’s experience. The third day of the event will be completed and we are waiting for new challenges of the event.

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