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hyakunin ikki one of the fan-favorite events that recently appeared in the latest update Genshin Impact 3.1. This is a recurring event where players have the opportunity to get Primogems by completing combat missions.

Hyakunin Ikki – open fighting tournament. Everyone who enjoys the battle can take part in it: both mortals and monsters. Form squads of two characters and demonstrate your martial skills. Get ready to kick the heat!

The following article will introduce players to the gameplay of the event and provide some tips for those who are participating in for the first time. Hyakunin Ikki.


Terms of participation in the event Hyakunin Ikki 3.1

Adventure Rank 30 or higher
Complete the Archon quest “Escape from Rito Island”

Genshin Impact 3.1: Hyakunin Ikki Event Guide, Gameplay and Tips

Hyakunin Ikki follows special rules. Characters should be divided into 6 squads, each squad can have up to 2 characters and 2 haryu arts. In addition, in this challenge, you can not only switch characters, but also entire squads. Squad switching in progress in order of formation time.

You can use the Change skill every 10 seconds to switch to the next squad. If one squad stays on the battlefield for too long, its combat effectiveness is drastically reduced. Switching units removes all effects and constructs, except for the elemental statuses left over from the previous unit. In addition, if all members of any squad die, the test fails.

When switching teams and defeating opponents you will accumulate Impulse. When the impulse reaches a certain level, you will increase your level of Battle impulse, giving bonuses in battle. But if you don’t manage to perform well in battle and accumulate enough Rush, the resulting Battle Rush will dissipate…

During this test, you must win constantly appearing enemies in order to earn enough points in a given time. Strongmen give more points among opponents. At the end of the challenge, you will receive different emblems depending on the points scored.

Players will need to complete a total of six challenges, and completing each challenge will reward players with the following:

  • Primogems
  • Character Talent Enhancement Materials

Hyakunin Ikki trial characters and skills

Hyakunin Ikki’s Genshin Impact 3.1 replay brings 6 new trial characters that players can use to build their teams. Players will need to create 6 teams and constantly trade between them in sequential order in order to maintain event buffs and deal more damage to opponents.

Beginners are advised to pair a DPS character with a shield or healer/buffer character so that all characters can survive the challenge.

Here is a list of trial characters available for use in the Hyakunin Ikki replay:

  • Tignari
  • Dilyuk
  • Sangonomy Kokomi
  • Collei
  • sucrose
  • Candice

Genshin Impact players can also equip each team with a set of Hyakunin Ikki Secret Moves. These are buffs and using the right ones will increase your character’s damage exponentially.

Keep up the Battle Rush to score more points

During each challenge, as Genshin Impact players defeat waves of opponents and switch teams, they will accumulate Fervor, increasing their Ferocious Fervor level. A higher level of Ferocious Fervor will allow players to earn more points for defeating enemies, helping players complete objectives and earn rewards.

Each opponent is worth certain points, and players can increase the points by increasing the difficulty, which will also increase the multiplier. While players can score more, keep in mind that their opponents will be more tanky and will also deal more damage.

How to get to the event domain

To access the Event Domain, located in the same area on the outskirts of Inazuma City, you need to complete the quest Hyakunin Ikki: Golden Tornado!

Battle Pass Missions

This event added the Return of the Winds Battle Pass quests to the Current Period tab. Battle Pass XP (BP XP) gained from these missions does not count towards the weekly limit of 10,000 BP XP.

Tasks BP experience
[Событие] Get 6000 points in the Hyakunin Ikki event. 1500

Trial Mora’s Plexus Lock

Best Troops to Challenge

During the test, we will be offered several characters to choose from. In total, a squad can consist of two heroes: one from our list of characters, the second from a specially selected list. In addition, you can choose some buffs, and you can switch between characters every 10 seconds. You can take a maximum of two buffs per unit.

When choosing a squad and buffs, you should try to pick up Anemo characters with the skills to pull enemies together (Sucrose, Genie, etc.). Consider a few suitable units:

  • Tignari and Lisa with buffs to the lotus of wisdom and His flower offering;
  • Dilyuk and Xiang Ling with Lion’s Mouth and Banish by Flame buff;
  • Kokomi and Keiya with a bunch of agreements and a cold regime;
  • Kollei and Barbara with hishinomizoshi and a well-aimed slit;
  • Sucrose and Ember with a phantom eye and following the wind;
  • Kanakadia and Electro with a white crest of waves and an unusual life.

Such a detachment will show itself quite well in passing the test. But there are other options:

  • Tignari with Yae Miko, Raiden, Fischl, Mona or Bennet;
  • Dilyuk with Xing Qiu, Kazuha, Fischl, Gan Yu or Venti;
  • Kokomi with Ayaka, Ke Qing, Yan Fei, Fischl, Eola or Razor;
  • Collei with Ke Qing, Yae Miko, Mona, Tartaglia, Genie;
  • Sucrose with Eimia, Gan Yu, Fischl, Bennett, Chun Yun;
  • Cancadia is teamed with Saino, Eimiya, Xing Qiu, Tartaglia or Ayato.

How to get Mora’s Tangle Castle in Genshin Impact

Let’s start with the first test. Over the course of 6 days, other stages will gradually open. Each of these tests has several levels of difficulty: standard, difficult and very difficult. A higher difficulty level will provide more points and a better reward. It is important to try to take such characters that can easily cope with a squad of enemies.

For example, Genie is great for this. There are several important factors that will make it easier to pass the test:

  • Time is limited, and we need to score as many points as possible. You should take good damage dealers with AOE damage to deal with opponents more easily.
  • Gather a squad of such heroes that can create reactions.
  • The cooldown for switching between characters is 10 seconds. If you took a support with useful buffs to the squad, put him in front to immediately apply a buff and switch to DD.
  • Constantly, every 20-25 seconds, change the squad, because there is a debuff in the arena that reduces the power of the current squad if you have been playing with them for 25 seconds.
  • Try not to die. The death of any squad is an automatic loss, and the test will have to start over.
  • Don’t forget about the effect of resetting buffs when changing squads.
  • Swap units and kill enemies to get the Battle Rush buff.

There are quite a few enemies in the arena. You will have to quickly deal with them in order to receive a reward.

If there are no characters with the Constriction skill in the squad, it would be a good option when choosing a squad to take the Lion’s Mouth buff to compensate for the lack of ability.

Otherwise, everything is standard – we fight enemies, kill them, switch units, use reactions and try to score 2000 points.

Continued tomorrow!

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