Hope Genshin Impact – World Quest Walkthrough


Snow silhouette: Hope is a mission of the world Genshin Impact in Mondstadt. Find out how to help Joel and complete the quest, as well as the rewards for completing it.


How to start Snow Silhouette: Hope

Talk to the boy Joel, whose father has disappeared.

The kid is upset because his dad is gone. The boy will tell you that Uncle Cyrus went to look for his traces on the Dragon Ridge and Joel asks to find his uncle in order to find out from him information about the search for his father.

So, Our task is to go to the Guild of Adventurers.

Where to find the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt

The quest directs the Traveler to the Adventurer’s Guild. The image above marks the location where Cyrus is standing with other adventurers. The group is just talking about Joel’s father, who was seen getting lost on Dragonspine.

The traveler joins the search, joining Pallas.

Clear the area of ​​mobs

Go to the indicated toka on the quest marker. This is best done by moving to the statue of the Archons on the Dragonspine Mountains and simply flying down.

On the spot, you will encounter a battle with hilichurls, which you need to defeat. Clear the area of ​​enemies.

After defeating the mobs, Pallas will appear and say that although now this area has been cleared, the missing man is not here. Now you need to return to Cyrus in Mondstadt and share this information with him.

Cyrus will ask you to tell Joel that the search for his father is underway. The last thing to do to complete this quest is to go to Joel and talk to him.

Snow Silhouette Awards: Hope

  • Adventure Experience × 3
  • Mora × 30000


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