How to change weather in Apam Thicket in Genshin Impact


When you first visit Apam Thicket in Sumeru Genshin Impact, you will find that the area is constantly raining. However, there is a way to change the weather in these forests to stop the ever-falling rain and make the weather sunny or vice versa.

Prerequisites for the change in the weather in More often Apam Genshin Impact

To change the weather in Apam Thicket, you first need to learn the Arapandu song Source song (Rhythm of the Water Source) by completing the quest chain Varuna-gata:

After finishing Prayer for rain on fertile landAranara will grant you the power to control Varuna’s carthat determines the weather in Apam Thicket. There are two ways to access Varuna’s car.

How to access Varuna’s car in Genshin Impact Method #1

The first way is to head to the area circled in the image above, where you will find Varuna’s small car.

How to access Varuna’s car in Genshin Impact Method #2

The second way is to go to the area The outcome of the rain through the fast travel point (teleport) circled in the image above. It can be unlocked during the quest chain. Varuna-gata


How to stop the rain in Apam Thicket Genshin Impact. Achievement Weather under control.

Get in front of by Varuna’s machine and play the song on ancient lyre next to her. Next, follow the in-game prompts to play The Song of the Source (fa > mi > ti > fa > ti, the first four notes on the first line, the fifth note on the second line). Once this is done, you can to interact with core Varuna’s machinesto change the weather more often Apam to the following:

  • rainy
  • Sunny
  • Circulation (variable)

You can track the weather based on what the core looks like. In the image set above, the first image indicates rainy weather, the second indicates sunny weather, and the third indicates cyclical weather that shifts regularly between sun and rain. Changing the weather for the first time will unlock the achievement Wonders of the World entitled Weather Control Activated.


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