How to get all shop components and earn 180 primogems

To collect all shop components in the Shop Colors event in Genshin Impactyou will have to open certain chests in the event Blessings of Abundance. This will give you 180 primogems. Not all chests will provide what you need, but opening all of them is necessary to get every reward in the main event”About Ballads and Cupsin Genshin Impact 3.1.

This guide will help you find all matching chests from Blessings of Abundance, including all necessary conditions. Finding them will only take a few minutes. In this Genshin Impact event, we will only show the required components for the shop.

Genshin Impact Shop Colors Event Guide: Collect all Shop Components to get 180 Primogems

The only way to get all shop components in Genshin Impact is to find chests related to the event Blessings of Abundance (Fecund Blessings). You will need to open all the kegs in The show starts and Holiday in full swingto go to the section section After the holiday. So it makes sense to include a map of all chests from:

  • The show starts
  • Holiday in full swing

This guide will also include a full map for the final section, but it will be more extensive.

Note: You will receive all the components for decorating the store by reading this article to the end.

All Kegs of Plenty of the stage The Show Begins

This map uses the stars to show where all the Kegs of Opulence are located on the first day of the event. There are no tricks to open them. All that is required is to approach these areas and not participate in any hostilities. The minimap will show the exact location of the chest if you get close enough.

In this section, you will receive the following store components:

  • Store Decoration: waiter bird
  • Store Decoration: Fragrances Basket
  • Decor in front of the shop: Special price
  • Large decor: Bright aroma

Remember that you must find all these chests in order to advance to the stage. Holiday in full swing, which is required to enter the final part. You will also be able to completeCompletely decorate your shop once” in Shop colorsonce you start with the Charity and Creativity event in Genshin Impact.

We leave below our video guide for finding chests of the first day:

Holiday in full swing

Note: The chest shown in the Favonius Knights headquarters is inside. Enter this building and turn into the library to see the chest.

This map is in a similar format to the one posted in the Show Begins section. Shop components you will get here:

  • Store Decoration: Order in line
  • Store Decoration: Visible fragrance
  • Store base: Blue Sidor Lake
  • Large decor: gift surprise
  • Shop window display: Please enjoy your food.

Now you will have enough to complete “Collect 9 store components» for the Shop Colors step.

We leave below our video guide for finding chests of the second day:

After the holiday

The map above shows the location of all eight chests. All locations shown here have a store component, except for:

  • Springvale Falls
  • Distillery dawn “Northern dawn”
  • Southwest of the Valley of the Wind (next to the red tent)

Therefore, you can move on to the remaining five areas shown here to focus solely on the event. Shop colors. You won’t lose much time looking for the three chests mentioned above. All relevant items here for the Genshin Impact Shop Colors event include:

  • Store Decoration: Welcome!
  • Landscaping accessory: Sweetened
  • Jewelry Store: Just one bite
  • Store base: green dandelion
  • Decor in front of the shop: strong aroma

After you open all the relevant chests here, you should end up with the Shop Colors event. You should have received a total of 180 primogems from him.

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