How to get free Intertwined Fates after completing Archon quests in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 3.5 will introduce a new feature that allows players to claim free Intertwined Fates and other rewards for all Archon quests they complete. Thus, the Travelers are interested in completing the main storyline soon to get additional chances for 5 star characters and weapons.

Travelers will receive one Intertwined Fate per Archon quest they complete. Hence, the players behind the main storyline have made some of them and can still get free rewards.

This permanent feature should account for future version updates introducing more Archon quests.

Here’s how you can claim free Intertwined Fates in Genshin Impact 3.5 after completing Archon Quests

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to get free Intertwined Fates after completing the Archon quests in Genshin Impact 3.5 and later:

  1. Pause the game to bring up the Paimon menu.
  2. Select the Adventurer’s Handbook option.
  3. Click on the Guide category.
  4. Click on the little gift icon to get all the free rewards.

This cannot be done in version 3.4 or any previous patch. Examples of rewards that you can earn with this feature include:

  • 1x Intertwined Fate
  • 3x Hero Experience
  • 3x Holy Essence
  • 6x Enchantment Ore

You must manually click on the small attendant icon for all completed Archon quests in the upper right corner of this guide menu. This means that in Genshin Impact 3.5 you will have up to 22 free Intertwined Fates, which is equivalent to 3,520 Primogems.

Archon quest list (prior to Genshin Impact 3.5)

Below is a complete list of all the Archon quests you can complete by the time the new feature related to the free Intertwining Fates is made available to the player base:

  1. The foreigner who caught the wind
  2. Bitter tears
  3. Song of Dragon Freedom
  4. Mysterious land of a thousand stones
  5. Farewell, ancient lord
  6. Approach of a new star
  7. Branch Keeper: Dinsleif
  8. We will meet again
  9. Autumn wind, crimson leaves
  10. The unchanging god and the eternal utopia
  11. Oblivion, the disappearance of shadows
  12. All-seeing god, mortal world
  13. Requiem of Echoing Depths
  14. Through smoke and dark woods
  15. One hundred fresh roses brings the morning
  16. Dreams, emptiness and deceit
  17. King Deshret and the Three Wise Men
  18. Akashic pulse and kalpa flame
  19. Karibert
  20. The wind blows – the cranes return
  21. dangerous path
  22. Inversion of Genesis

Most Archon quests have different requirements. The main storyline also requires the Travelers to complete these tasks in order. Players will need to be at least 40+ adventure ranks to complete most of them, though they will also need to complete a few story quests, including:

  • Razor’s Quest
  • Ayaka story quest
  • Emiya’s story quest
  • Second story quest Shogun Raiden
  • Story Quest Itto
  • Kazuha’s Story Quest

Quests can be completed before Genshin Impact 3.5. You simply won’t be able to claim the free Intertwined Fates until this version update launches. Travelers can use this reward for any character event or weapon they like, or save it for a future banner.

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