How to get Kollei: Passage of the quest Rejected toy


The Rejected Toy in Genshin Impact is a story task of the Children’s Tale event, within which you can get Kolleys for free and also a new item – a first-class camera. Below we describe in detail how to complete the task and get the first dendro character in your team.


Where did you get the quest Rejected Toy Genshin Impact

We would like to note right away that the Rejected Toy quest is temporary, and players have about 30 days to get Collei for free. As soon as version 3.0 ends, the chance to get Collei for free will be lost forever!

So, to get the Forsaken Toy quest, first complete the Archon Quest “Through smoke and dark woods”, You must also meet at least 20 adventure rank.

If the conditions are met, visit the event tab “Children’s Tale” inside the game and go to the task.

You can start the quest without going through the story. But after you get to the toy shop and talk to the craftsmen, will not continue the mission,

World Quest Walkthrough Rejected Toy

You can take the first steps in Sumeru after activating the teleport point in the Rift and going through the tunnel connecting the Rift and Sumeru. To date, this is the only way and we described it in detail earlier..

Talk to the unfortunate masters

Having set foot in Sumeru, go to Port Ormos. This is the first settlement of the dendro region.

As you follow the path, activate the Archon Statue to empower your Dendro Traveler and unlock part of the Sumeru map in one go.

Follow the quest marker that leads to an NPC named Faiz, who is stationed at the port.

Approaching the indicated place, a long cut-scene will start. In truth, the whole essence of the quest is for the most part chatter, where occasionally you will need to go after the arrows and complete mini tasks.

Find Tangier in Gandharva

Follow the marker to the indicated area.

Meet Collei on the spot and after the end of the dialogue, a new character will join your squad and stay there forever.

Follow Razi and find Tangier

Having the first full character dendro, go to Statues of Archons in Gandharva and continue along the route to the place where Tangero is waiting. The man will report that he remembers the toy workshop from Port, but he has more important things to do, as he found traces of real aranars. The writer invites the group to follow him into the wilds of the forest of Avidya.

Find traces of aranar

Use your elemental sense and it will show you a place that contains three notes, which are the traces of the arnar.

It’s in a huge cavity formed by a tree, very close to your location. They are easy to spot as they are illuminated. Return to Tangero and wait until tomorrow night after setting the clock

The next morning after waking up, it turns out that Kollei has disappeared, and the Traveler and Paimon decide to go in search of her.

Find Collei and talk to Tangero

Go forward to the hollow where the traces of the aranar were previously found – there you will notice a new acquaintance. It turns out that the notes belonged to her, and they have nothing to do with these creatures. In order to dispel the myth, the girl decides to leave another note.

The quest will automatically move to the next morning, where Tangero has already found the abandoned page. However, the man will be annoyed by the content that says about the Ludi Harpastum festival in Mondschadt, since this meant that the footprints found were left by people. After that, the writer admits that the tales about the aranar do not belong to him, but to his son. The boy agrees to help the shop “Akara’s Crafts” in figurine making.

This quest ends receiving an event item First class camera and access to the main part of the event: Wandering in the thicket and Tree metamorphoses, where players will have to wander around Sumeru, go through various tests in search of inspiration and make toys.


For completing the introductory quest The Rejected Toy, in addition to Collea, the following rewards are issued:

  • Source Stones x80;
  • Hero experience x2;
  • First class camera x1


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