How to get the Fischl skin for free in Genshin Impact

The latest Genshin Impact 2.8 update brought back the Golden Apple Archipelago and also introduced the new Fischl skin. Players can take part in the event Summer sea voyagefor a chance to earn a new Fischl skin for free.

Apart from all the events, the fans will have to participate in the event ghost realmwhere players will have to collect a certain amount shells of dreams, to get rewards like the new Fischl skin and primogems. However, only 8 out of 16 Shells of dreams can be collected on the first day of the event. Every day players will be able to collect more and more. Also, the event will run until the end of patch 2.8, so players should have plenty of time to collect them all in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to get the Fischl skin

Archipelago of the Golden Apple here as part of patch 2.8 update for players to enjoy new stories and mini-events Summer sea travel. As of patch 1.6, players will have the option to unlock a new skin for Fischl called “Dream of Eternal Nightby participating in an event called dreamy visions.

dreamy visions is one of the many mini-activities released as part of the “Summer sea voyage”. on the new Archipelago of the Golden Apple. During this event, players will have to collect a certain amount of Shells of dreamsto get certain rewards. Here is a summary of the awards:

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  • 4 shells: 80 primogems, 40 thousand pestilence and 4 freedom guides
  • 8 shells: 80 primogems, 40k mora and 4 resistance guides
  • 12 shells: 80 primogems, 40 thousand mora and 4 ballad guides
  • 16 shells: 80 primogems, 40 thousand pestilence, 4 hero experience and Fischl’s new outfit
  • 20 shells: 40 thousand pestilence, 8 hero experience and 8 mystical ores

Therefore, players will need to collect at least 16 Shells of dreamsto unlock the new Fischl outfit. Only 8 shells can be collected on the first day of the event, and players will need to collect more in the coming days. Rest Shells of Dreams are limited in time and will be unlocked in a few days, so players will have to wait until then to get their hands on the new Fischl gear.

Genshin Impact players can either explore the islands to find everything Shells of Dreams on their own, which certainly has its own sense of satisfaction, or they may rely on external sources. External sources, such as interactive maps and guides, come in handy when players are stuck or don’t have enough time and just want to get the job done.

We created own guidancewhere players can find the exact location of all Shells of Dreams in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Keep in mind that players will be much better off if they unlock all teleport waypoints before searching for shells.

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